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KAOKO Installation 2013-2020
on: August 13, 2020, 07:22:17 PM
Kaoko and Barkbusters or Just Kaoko 2013-2020 CB500X

Kaoko   P/N  KBB-200 (2013-2020)


First things first. Honda molded the hand grips to the throttle tube as one assembly with one part number.
You will need some tools to complete the job.
Here’s what I used: Dremel with two bits, Thin cutoff disk, Cone-Shape High Speed Cutter, and #115 High Speed Cutter for the rectangular raised portions.
Razor blade, JIS screwdriver, file, pencil, tape, sand paper, wrenches, punch and hammer
Start by using the razor blade and cut off the OEM grips.
I started with the left side, using a punch (must be small enough to just fit into the hole) and hammer. Insert the punch as to knock the tab in and back towards the bar end. Then do the same on the lower hole. I was able to grab the bar end weight and easily remove it.

Right Throttle Side
Important: Using a pencil mark all around mirror/ break clamps, and switch assembly on your handlebars so when you reinstall the housings you will know exactly where they were originally located.  There is a notch that the throttle assembly fits in when reinstalling.
On the right side you will need to loosen  the mirror/ break assembly bolts and slide the assembly inwards. Then using your JIS (Japanese Industry Standard) cross point screwdriver. Note: Phillips screwdrivers don’t work well on JIS screws and tend to strip them.
Remove the two screws on the clam shell control assembly, open it up and move it inward. The housing should be clear of your throttle tube. Move the throttle tube inward to allow access to the holes.
Using your punch and hammer remove the bar end weight.
Tape off the control to keep debris out of the throttle tube.
Note on the throttle tube, the funny looking raised area of plastic next to where the throttle cables secure to tube and also note the cone shape raised area at the other end. You will need to cut down and cut off both areas.
Using the Dremal and the cone shaped bit cut down the plastic next to the cable area. (See Picture) You do not need to cut it down flush. I left a small hump for strength. Then using your thin cutoff wheel, cut the other end off keeping as much throttle tube as possible. (See Picture) Note you will need to slide the throttle tube past the handlebars so not to cut into the handlebars.
Be precise, or you will be buying another grip/throttle tube 2013-2020 P/N 53140-MGS-D30 $24.80 plus shipping
Using your file square up your cut and be careful not to remove to much material This is important so the Kaoko thrust washer presses squarely against it.
Now I did not work down all the rectangular high points on the throttle tube but the next time I remove the grips. I will be removing them. I should have done this earlier because it made it difficult to install the grip. I use “extra hold hair spray” to secure grips.
I use an air compressor with a needle tube adapter to spray air between the grip and throttle tube for installing and removing aftermarket grips. OEM grips are made of a harder material so this method will not work.
Assemble your right side assembly lining it up to your pencil marks.
Note your throttle tube should be about 1/6 shorter then the end of your handlebars. (See Picture) This is perfect for the 130 thrust washer supplied from Kaoko to work properly.
Install your grip then cut off the excess so your grip is a little past flush of the handlebar end. I chose the Pro Grips and cut it off at the line. When all said and done your grip should not bind allowing the thrust washer to do its job. The Kaoko uses a thrust washer to apply friction on the throttle tube. (SeePic)
Install the left grip
Install the Kaoko and Barkbusters per instructions.
Advance the throttle and make sure your grip is not hitting the Kaoko assembly. I had to trim a little bit more grip off of mine.
I hope this helps. Enjoy the ride

Personal Note:
First off I want to thank Kaoko for such a fine product and when I say fine product I mean it is well worth the money. (OEM Quality) It is so easy to use that you will have it down on your first ride.
I have installed many upgrades on motorcycles over the years and this one has to be one of my favorites especially when it comes to safety.
I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and this solved my problem. On long rides I would constantly struggle with my right hand tingling and falling asleep. Now thanks again to long rides are more enjoyable.

Thank You Barkbusters. This is my fourth set and I will always run them.
They Rock and are worth the

Thank You Pro Grip I chose 719 RVGS GEL OPEN END  (Excellent Grips)