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RR1 level 1
on: September 13, 2020, 03:43:45 PM

Proud owner of a 2019 CB500X which I intend to ride around Colombia towns.
I am on the verge between RR1 and RR2 levels. RR2 is my choice if I had not to give up my already installed jack and engine guard.
I have the following question on regards to the RR1 Tractive rear shock.
is the RR1 tractive rear shock and emulsion type shock. If it is emulsion I would disqualify this option as it tends to heat up much more than piston type shocks, therefore lasting less time.

My issue with RR2 is because I am in Colombia, need to import all items including RR Guard and give up the Jack.

My intention is to travel around Colombia unpaved roads and natural washed outs and obstacles. Where the RR2 upgrade would shine.

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Re: RR1 level 1
Reply #1 on: September 13, 2020, 06:31:43 PM
Hi remurillo - I replied to your similar question on the other LEVEL 1 thread... copy below:

As Williamkevin says above, the LEVEL 1 shock is more than adequate for general rough-road riding, your only real limitation is the more limited ground clearance over more serious hazards, so you'll just have to be more careful in those few instances and pick your line and speed accordingly.

That said, the LEVEL 2 suspension is a far better option if you do plan to ride a higher proportion of rougher terrain - the extra travel and ground clearance, plus the extra oil capacity of the reservoir shock will resist fading for longer - typically if you were riding a lot of washboard piste at high speeds for example. And you also have individual damping control for the shock which will help you dial-in the compression and rebound characteristics more precisely, depending on how much load you are carrying.

As for your current centre stand, that wouldn't fit with the longer travel LEVEL 2 suspension anyway, but a far better solution is something like the Endurostar Trail stand if you ever do need to lift a wheel [indeed either wheel, and those on someone else's bike too] for maintenance or puncture repair. No one with a dual-sport bike doing this sort of trip has a centre stand either, and they manage perfectly well.

If you do decide to stick with the LEVEL 1 standard travel/ground clearance, I do suggest you fit a strong engine guard as you are that more likely to hit the undercarriage from time to time of course.

Hope that helps...

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