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Shinko 805 Review
on: November 02, 2020, 12:49:12 PM
I replaced my second Shinko 805 on my 2013 500X this weekend and thought I would post a short review of my experience with the tire. Tires and oil garner strong opinions, so use what you like  :001:

The old one has 6,000 miles on it and as you can see, it might go a few more - not much though.

My impression of the Shinko 805 is that it is a decent tire overall and an excellent tire for the money. Over the last few years I've run the 805/804 combo on my CB500X and a Suzuki DL650 that I used to own. I'd say that I've gone through at least eight or more rear 805's and a few less 804's. I rarely run a tire to it's end of life as I usually pull them off early because I want to go somewhere and need a fresh tire. This one was the first that I basically wore out. Just my thoughts on the tire.

Safety/Quality - I've read posts about supposed quality issues and associated safety concerns. This has not been my experience. I've run 805's at 80 mph all day, day after day, I've run them in the twisties, I've run them on gravel and rocks. Absolutely no quality issues of any kind have been noticed, I have no safety concerns.

Traction - Definitely a subjective area, use a lot of salt here.
Pavement - I have found them to be very good for my riding style. On pavement they grip as well as any block type tire I've ever used. If you want to drag a knee, maybe look somewhere else, but I haven't found the tires to limit my riding on dry pavement. Wet grip - the block construction might make you want to back off a bit. I've never had any issues, but I can see how the horizontal slots might give up a little early.
Gravel/Rocks - Very good traction but will tend to slide sideways a little more than tires without the mentioned horizontal slots. It hasn't been an issue, but you can feel it move around a little more than say a Mitas E07 series.
Mud/Sand - I try to avoid it  :001:

Value - Considering my good experience with all of the above, I would rate them as an excellent value.  You can expect to pay around $180 per set (805/804 combo) in the U.S.

Bottom Line - AKA Opinion time, I don't buy any of the "they are going to kill you, they will slide out from under you, they are poor quality" stuff. Any tire can have a manufacturing flaw and every tire has it's performance envelope. If you spend most of your time on pavement, turn a lot of miles but want to run a big block tire for those occasional off road adventures, you are going to burn up some rubber, and that can get expensive. If you take your bike to the shop for tires and mounting (which I don't) you could be talking close to $400 every three or four thousand miles. For me, granted it's been a Covid year, that's a lot of tires and a lot of money.  Now if I were going to do make a dedicated BDR or TAT ride I might consider mounting a set of TKC-80's for that mission specific ride. Of course they would probably be worn out by the time I got there  :138:.

I hope this was helpful, ride what you like.

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