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2020 Guards & Skidplate
on: November 21, 2020, 05:58:17 AM
So parts in Canada are hard to find for a 2020 and getting them from the US gets expensive, especially when we canít cross the line to pick them up.
Anyone know if hand & engine guards and a skidplate from previous years fit?

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Re: 2020 Guards & Skidplate
Reply #1 on: November 22, 2020, 01:53:34 AM
I think that will vary depending on which manufacturer and where they mount...From memory the SWMotech skid plate differed from the 18MY to the 19/20MY.
Others could be different,looking at specific manufacturers listings must help,if it's a different part number,likely it wont fit.
Barkbuster hand guard and other are likely to be different as the bars are a different diameter and shape.The bar ends may be 22mm but 18/19MY are 28mm in the centre whereas earlier models are a uniform 22mm along the whole bar.
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Re: 2020 Guards & Skidplate
Reply #2 on: November 22, 2020, 07:06:22 PM
The Barkbusters are definitely specific to the 2020 model. You will need the BHG-081 model.

I fitted a pair of SW-Motech crash bars on my 2020 and I believe they are the same as those advertised for the 2018 model. Not sure the same would apply for the skid plate but if you contact them directly I'm sure they would help you out. They were very helpful when I reached out to them.