Author Topic: Crash/Engine Bars, Protection, and Service Access  (Read 111 times)

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Crash/Engine Bars, Protection, and Service Access
on: April 07, 2021, 03:07:52 PM
Hi, I've seen lots of posts on crash bars etc, contributed a bit, but recently hit what was for me a new angle. As part of my recent major service on my '17 X I had to adjust inlet valve clearances. With my Givi crash bars in place, I could not withdraw the inlet valve rocker shaft (until someone I trust tells me it's ok to "flex" it  :001:). I had to slacken off all the mounts of the LH crash bar (that's two engine mounts, ahem).

And, these crash bars make it quite a bit fiddlier to get the upper side panels off and on (I end up detaching the radiator shroud in situ - 3 or 4 extra screws a side).

It's not the end of the world, and hardly surprising, but it does pile hassle upon already hard to access jobs.

I was already thinking of swapping them out, I've realised my anti-vibration mod (posted elsewhere), while very successful in vibration terms, actually leaves the nosecone precise position located only by the panels. I could drill Givi's nose holes out to accept 12mm rubber bushings and redo the mount with 8mm bolts, but how much do I want these bars anyway?

So - how do other crash bars/engine bars/skid plates affect access?

I was looking online, the R&G Adventure Bars (fitted much lower down than my Givi's) maybe the RHS one obstructs the crankshaft turn-with-a-spanner access, or maybe not, there's only one photo? I recall reading that RR's skid pan has to be dropped at one end for oil drain.

I was sort of hoping for some low-down protection and a skid pan, that was low-hassle for service. Any advice apart from "dream on"?