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Siezing the day
on: June 19, 2017, 08:09:13 AM
A spell of solididly warm weather at last in the UK as midsummer appoaches made me think of a early morning ride. Recently retired, apart from continuing house redecoration, the chance to heade off at the drop of a hat had been in my mind.
So after a warm night, waking at 5am, I took the opportunity. Coffee and a bite of toast, the lightest vented riding gear was a bit of a gamble, but it was 16 degrees and going to be warm pretty soon, and I had a jersy in the tank bag.
Having moved from the flatlands of the east coast back to the hilly south west, at 5.30 I set off through South Somerset with the low lying mist across the fields and the road with hardly any traffic to disturb it yet. Mist to handlebar height, road covered, but where the were no hedges visible, at uncertain moments the line of telephone poles gave the clue.
Onto the A303 for a few miles, a useful, but horrid modern road that carves across sothern England, before turning east onto the older A30 that follows more naturally the hills and valleys. Into the rising sun, but the blue tinted iner visor on me HJC bubble flip helmet takes the sting out of it. At Chard hardly anything is moving. In places so little traffic has passed, that all the night time aromas linger. Fresh mown hey from the day befor, a deciduous wood, a pine wood, the sharp smell of sheep, the reek of a livestock farm. At 6.30 Crewkerne seems tro be waking up, and at 6.50, an industrial estate cafe "No.5" in Gazelle road, is w3ide awake and provides a good breakfast.
Heading home, commutors are everywhere, but I've had my kicks and I'm home at 7.30. Just 50 miles, no big deal, but what a way to start the day, and what a lovely bike, the CB500X to do it on.

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Re: Siezing the day
Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 09:06:53 AM
Having retired last year, I understand the joy of just getting out there and riding on a nice day - no big distances needed, a roll and sausage and coffee somewhere along the route, and enjoy watching those poor folk heading to work.  Magic!!  :152:
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