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I have had a few messages over the past year or so about my Race Tech suspension thread. I have yet to do any substantial suspension mods to my bike. All I have done is added a '99 CBR600F4 rear shock and 1 inch PVC spacers in the forks. I have collected some info that I will share here on the Race Tech front suspension and CBR shock build. Part numbers and prices that I could find are listed as well. I've also included info about the stock suspension. It may be sticky worthy.


Race Tech Suspension CB500X 2013-18

Fork Oil Level 130mm

Fork oil 10w= two liters required

Fork Showa 41C dampening rod= 41mm outside diameter/C= conventional fork with dampening rod internals

Stock spring rate 0.50kg/mm

Preload 15mm

Race Tech Spring size 34.7mm outside diameter  340mm length

Rider weight with luggage recommended spring rate with the part number. All springs list price at $129.99US. Iíve seen them as low as $79.99US. The last three digits of the part number are the spring weight rating. The first four numbers indicate the spring diameter and length. Iím not sure what the letters stand for. Same for shock springs.

150lbs/68kg= 80kg P/N FRSP S3534080 stiffer 85kg P/N FRSP S3534085

175lbs/79kg= 90kg P/N FRSP S3534090 stiffer 95kg P/N FRSP S3534095

200lbs/91kg=  1.00kg P/N FRSP S3534100

If you weigh more or need to carry more weight, youíll need to contact Race Tech directly to get a custom stiffer wound spring. Iím glad Iím losing weight.

Emulators P/N FEGV S4101 List price $169.99US. Iíve bought these for $89.99 for my Katana 750 forks I run on my GS5.

99-00 CBR600F4 Shock Info

Not for the faint of heart. <insert Dr. Evilís evil laugh here>

Race Tech rear shock is $1349.99 and you have to call them to have the shock built to your specs. A 99-00 CBR600F4 (not F4i) can be built with Race Tech parts for around $200-300US. You have to look around for the parts on sale. The reservoir hose will need to be lengthened two inches for good placement. My local hydraulic shop quoted $25 for a new hose built to 5000 psi burst pressure. The nitrogen charge is only 210psi.

Here are the part numbers and shock info.

Showa 40mm shock

Shock oil 2.5-5w less than 1 quart required

Springs list for $119.99. I havenít found these cheaper online, yet.

Stock CBR600 spring rate 14.2kg/mm to stiff for any rider with gear under 300lbs/113kg. It's to stiff for me at 230lbs in gear and 60lbs of luggage.

Replacement spring heavy rider 175lbs/79kg and up spring 12.5kg P/N SRSP 5815125

Light rider under 175lbs/79kg and lower 11.6kg P/N SRSP 5815116

Spring Adapter Collar P/N SPSC B5855N qty 1 required $3.99US Needed for springs using SRSP P/N.

Spring Adaptor Collar P/N SPSC B5552N qty 1 required $2.99US Needed for springs using SRSP P/N.

Must purchase P/N SMRC 40501 Reservoir Cap when upgrading shock.

Gold Valve Kit P/N SMGV S4005 $169.99 I have found it for $109.99US.

Shock oil and dust seal set P/N SSOS 14S $23.99US- Replace. These can get damaged during disassembly.

Shock shaft busing P/N SMSB 1412 $9.99US- I would replace. Can be replaced as needed.

Bottom out bumper- call them for the right one for your set up, if it needs replacing. They have several. Some can allow for more travel. Not much though. A few mm at most.

Reservoir bladder P/N SSBL 405080 $19.99US- This is usually replaced as needed. For $20,replace it.

Reservoir bladder cap P/N  SMRC 40501 $29.99US- Replace as needed. Donít use a damaged or corroded one. They can leak oil.

The shock nitrogen can be recharged at local motorcycle shops and some welding supply shops. There are videos on the internet showing how to rebuild the shock, install the emulator kit, and prep the shock for modifications. I recommend a good motorcycle shock spring compressor and a good vice with soft jaws preferably nylon or similar. Also, now is a good time to paint the shock and spring some wild colors. Make sure to tape off the bearing holes and chrome shaft before painting. Clean and add fresh grease to the bearing holes before reinstalling.

This is not the end all be all suspension setups. Itís for the people that donít mind tinkering and tweaking their suspension until perfect.