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Re: Coolant Loss - 2020 bike
Reply #30 on: June 03, 2020, 05:25:14 PM
*Originally Posted by JMo [+]

With regard to your coolant level, if you are worried about it, take the top off the radiator and look. A system with an expansion bottle is notorious for false/inaccurate readings due to air being potentially trapped in the system due to expansion etc.

If you are worried that your bike is losing coolant, check that the radiator is full - that's the bit that does the cooling.


He mentioned that he can see some coolant in the expansion bottle.  If he can see coolant then there is no reason to open the rad cap.

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Re: Coolant Loss - 2020 bike
Reply #31 on: June 03, 2020, 08:17:53 PM
*Originally Posted by AJC500 [+]
Swanny, it'll be fine! 

One of the downsides of forums is that you read about everyone else's worries and problems, and assume you'll have the same troubles... don't miss out on riding your bike!!

Cheers it's not really the lack of coolant that bothers me it's the 1076 miles on the clock, 1st service should have been at 600

I still have my 13 to play with in the mean time :001:
Life... It's Just a Ride  :305: