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Re: side stand
Reply #20 on: May 02, 2020, 12:27:05 PM
*Originally Posted by adman [+]
I don't see the problem solved. The motorcycle must be able to start idling with the sidestand down. Regardless, I pull the clutch or not. This is the international standard.
If this does not work, there is an error. either in the clutch switch, side stand switch or in the control unit.

Agreed.  That is what Im trying to get at here.

*Originally Posted by Ruggybuggy [+]
Ok I think you are reading what I said wrong.

I said "The OPs bike will start in first gear with the side stand down if he pulls in the clutch lever".  By that I mean that his bike will only start in first gear if he pulls the clutch in.  If he doesn't pull the clutch in and the bike is in gear it will not start.  His bike is different because his will only start if the clutch in pulled in even in nuetral.   My bike will start in nuetral without the clutch pulled in.

Anyhow glad the OP doesn't have an issue.

I'm done with this thread.

Ruggbuggy, were only trying to help the OP figure out whats causing his problem.  But first we have to understand definitively what that problem is. 

That is why Im belaboring this point.  You have said his bike will start in gear with the sidestand down as long as he pulls in the clutch lever.  Maybe it will, but so far I cannot find anywhere in this thread where he said that.

We just want to clearly understand what his actual problem is.  So far, it appears he must additionally use his clutch lever to start the bike with sidestand down and transmission in neutral.  That alone suggests a malfunction somewhere.   I wish the OP would report back as to whether he is in fact able to start the bike with sidestand down when transmission is in gear. (If it will, that would be a very serious fault.) 
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Re: side stand
Reply #21 on: May 02, 2020, 12:28:39 PM
follow the wiring diagram and see how it works! please show us the eu standard if there is any!
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Re: side stand
Reply #22 on: May 02, 2020, 02:24:28 PM
ok thought I would add something to this thread (I know mine is the neutral switch)
this started a few months ago
when I stop my bike in 1st and use the side stand to stop the engine because im going to get off it, take the keys out of ignition switch so everything is off later when I go to start it ignition on I will put the bike in neutral while its on the side stand and it wont start,
if I select neutral before putting the side stand down engine running the bike will start.
if I click the bike into 2nd and back into neutral the bike will start on side stand even though I used the side stand to stop the engine.
neutral light is on when its in neutral
so im guessing if the bike hasn't been running for a while and is in gear when you select neutral the switch is only moving enough to power the neutral light but still telling the ecu its in gear. (a sticky switch)
am I going to replace it no.

I did check all the connections when this started. the clutch lever spade terminals weren't fully pushed in they are now, slackened the neutral switch connection and retightened it and took the side stand switch off spun the little lug around a few times while spraying it with wd-40 in it seeing as it only moves a quarter of a turn in normal use put it all back together and still the same, reattached the side stand wiring to the sprocket cover as who ever replaced my water pump jammed it behind the cover and it started to chaff through the plastic sleeve.

that's what mine does DorMinoR if yours bugs you then I would replace the neutral switch 

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Re: side stand
Reply #23 on: May 10, 2020, 06:12:17 PM
Lowering the side, or kickstand in gear = the engine stops. I always start my bike in neutral, clutch out. I allow it to warm up while I close the garage door, suit up, etc. on the side stand in neutral. A lowered side stand + putting the bike in gear = engine stops; clutch in our out. An extremely valuable safety feature.