Author Topic: Recommeded PSI for TKC80's on a pair of 19"/17" RRP L2 spoked wheels.  (Read 305 times)

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I'm patiently waiting for the arrival of a set of Rally Raid, Level 2 spoked wheels. Any recommendations on what PSI I should run on a set of TKC80's, on pavement, and off?

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I generally run between 25 to 28 psi

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*Originally Posted by 32dgrz [+]
I generally run between 25 to 28 psi


Generally speaking the TKC80s work better on this bike at 30psi or below, since above that they can start to feel skittish, particularly in damp or cold conditions.

28psi (front and rear) is a good compromise pressure if you're riding a mix of paved and unpaved roads and trails, as you might on a typicial 'adventure' ride.

If you're spending a larger proportion of a particular trip off-road, then dropping to 25psi helps to improve traction and grip on both loose and also rocky surfaces, but be aware that on a bike this size and weight, anything below 20psi is not recommended as there is an increased chance of a pinch flat (if running tubes) or denting a rim if you hit a square-edged lip at any kind of speed. Also, if you're running tubeless, you can potentially 'burp' a tyre if the pressures are too low.

As 32dgrz suggests, 28psi (and dropping a few more psi if conditions dictate) seems to be the sweet spot for grip and traction for these tyres on this bike.

Jenny x

ps. I've been known to bump them up to 30psi for a long on-road journey, but keep in mind what I said above about more than that in wet conditions.

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