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Re: 2019 Suspension Upgrade
Reply #31 on: January 22, 2021, 10:52:44 PM
Thanks again phattanglo,your a star :152:

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Re: 2019 Suspension Upgrade
Reply #32 on: January 23, 2021, 08:26:07 AM
No probs,
I'm amazed I got this, I'm literally useless with all things computer :008:

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Re: 2019 Suspension Upgrade
Reply #33 on: January 23, 2021, 10:47:35 AM
I only bought it on the 29th and it's gone up £1.50  :006:

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Re: 2019 Suspension Upgrade
Reply #34 on: January 23, 2021, 12:03:28 PM
*Originally Posted by lesmeister [+]
A long answer to a short question!

WELL....that reminds me of the old saying' If you have to ask, you can't afford it!' :005:

 You are so right about time, I am 70 so not many years left for riding! On my '16 CB500X, I had Ohlins front and rear and what a wonderful ride it was, smooth over bumps, tracked very well, and in other words, a totally different bike. It is the only thing missing on my new 2020 CB500Xabs. And like you, I will fix it like you did. Remember, "life is to short to drink cheap whiskey" or ride a bike with bad suspension! 
"You meet the nicest people on a Honda"

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Re: 2019 Suspension Upgrade
Reply #35 on: February 24, 2021, 03:43:41 PM
   Warning!  Probably NOT PC, but that’s life!  :002:

Andreani Misano Cartridge Kit • Ohlins Shock • Scorpion Serket Taper Titanium Silencer • Fork Gaiters for Yamaha Bolt

Winter in the NC hills is pretty wet and cold this year, but have managed to get in some miles, so here is the promised a report on the suspension work and muffler.

Suspension First
Already reported on the upgrade to the Andreani Misano Cartridge kit for the forks, this is a closed cartridge type product.  Still quite impressed and satisfied with the improvement in ride and handling.  Went by Fast Bike Industries for them to check out my installation of the shock, at the same time David made an adjustment on the fork compression and rebound which made a noticeable improvement in the ride, especially on rough surfaces.

Ohlins Shock (made in Thailand, excellent workmanship, very high quality product):
This appears to be the first Ohlins shock for the 2019 and later model bikes in the USA.  Believe a version of this shock may have been available in other countries for some time.

WOW!  What a difference!  Thought the fork work was good, DAMM!  This bike is so smooooooth now, feel like I can add an extra 100 miles on a days ride and still not be as fatigued.

Turn in and transitions are much more decisive and communitive.  Considering there is only about 6” of total travel front/rear, both the forks and shock do an excellent job of controlling big hits that normally would have the stock suspension banging on the stops.  This allows you to hold a line with much less effort, even on rough paved surfaces, without feeling like you are fighting for control while putting a butt clenching a hole in the seat.  Handling is much crisper and very neutral, very light and flickable.

On unpaved roads I’ve been able to ride, the control and ride motions are much smoother.  Can’t discourse on any really rough surfaces due to the wet conditions.  Many roads around here are underwater, just above water, washed out and/or muddy.  My age and tire choice do not engender the sprit of adventure you younger bucks might have.

Overall would the describe the ride as very smooth, flowing and fluid feeling, with good tactile feedback.  Given the wide range of adjustability available, feel you could easily set the bike up to suit your riding conditions and weight.  The key is to make sure to know what you want and convey that to whoever you are purchasing your hardware from.  David at Fast Bike Industries was quite thorough in questioning me about what I expected from the upgrade, and seems to have pretty much ‘nailed’ it given the limitations of the existing setup and price point he had to work with.

Installation was straightforward, everything fit, however the top shock bolt is a bear to feed through all of the wiring and cable spaghetti.  NOTE: If you have installed a DENALI SoundBomb horn and mount, it will need to be relocated/replaced as the Ohlins remote preload adjuster uses the same mounting location.  Ended up replacing mine with a pair of Hella Supertones I had on hand, they are actually louder that the Denali, and I was able to fit them on the bike where they can be heard and not obstructing anything, including me.

Fork Gaiters
Had a number of suggestions, but after looking at all of the options available at the time, felt the Fork Gaiters for Yamaha Bolt / R-Spec 2014-2020 • Item: P677140 SKU: 1598875 • 41mm/1.6in x 62mm/2.4in x 190mm/7.5in • $38.94+ship <> were the best.  Look good on the bike, like an OEM product.  Still looking into the ones used for the Honda Rebel 500, they might be an option.  The Bolt parts are bit more expensive that some of the other options, but are OEM quality and snugly fit 41mm fork tubes and 62mm fork lowers.  They are about 6 1/2 to 7" long, relaxed before installation, and don’t bunch up and blow out when compressed.  Did relieve the area around the raised fork seal protectors on the fender to prevent any rubbing/binding between the gaiter and plastic.

Shock Protection
David at Fast Bike Industries suggested that I not use a shock cover for my type of riding.  His experience is that they tend to hold dirt and grit in the cover which can damage the shock rod seal faster.  Feels it is better to be able to wash the dirt off an open shock.  The CB500X has pretty fair protection for the shock, so I elected to follow his advice.  He did say that a curtain type protector might be helpful if I were to be riding in very muddy conditions a lot.  Will keep an eye on the shock area and see if more protection is warranted.

Scorpion Serket Taper Titanium Silencer
Over the Thanksgiving Holiday saw that DEMON TWEEKS <> had this on sale, but it would not be delivered for at least three weeks.  Had not dealt with these folks before, but took a chance and place the order.  Delivered price was about what RR charges for the SS version.  Very pleased with the service, came extremely well packaged with all paperwork necessary for import if needed.  Arrived just before Christmas, and I put it on when I replaced the shock.  No fitting/mounting problems, went on/off as easily as the stock system, plus it saves about five pounds.  Would have ordered the SS from RR, but this was a better deal.  Got this to give me more room when standing on the pegs, with the stock muffler my heel kept hitting the muffler guard and forcing my toe in towards the engine, this corrects that problem.  NOTE: The 2019 and later models use a different part number that the earlier CBX bikes.

Don’t know if rerouting the cables when I replaced the fork tubes, the new muffler, or a combination of both made the difference, but the throttle control and bottom end torque are much better.  It is pretty close to the same as far a sound, maybe a bit louder, not objectionable, with a little more overrun burble.  All in all quite pleasing.  Again, an expensive upgrade, but given all of the good results, well worth the cost.

No, what I did was not inexpensive, but all of it worked the first time, and now I can spend my time riding and not trying to figure out what else needs to be done.

Yes, there are ways to improve the ride/handling/performace for less, and there are ways to improve it beyond what I have done.  It always comes down to time and money.  You are going to spend more of one or the other for improvements, just depends on which you have the best chance of being blessed with.

For some of us unfortunates, we will end up spending both of more in the elusive chase for a better suspension, brakes, engine…..etc setup.  Please don’t ask how I know.

The smart person learns from their mistakes.
The wise person learns from the mistakes of others.
Well folks, I’ve reached the stage of being as SMART as I want to be!

So thanks and keep posting all of that hard earned and costly knowledge.
Wiser is so much easier that way.

PS: Some may ask “What about the new ‘SMART’ suspension available on some OEM bikes, and now beginning to show up in the aftermarket?

It is stunning technology!  BUT!  It is technology!  For some applications it is a remarkably desirable choice, however for smaller, lighter, bikes I question the need.  And YES, I have ridden bikes with these features.

First, most bikes in the CB500X category are more commonly used as ARPR (All Roads All Purpose) bikes, more options come at the cost of more weight and complexity.  Both drive up the purchase price and cost of ownership.  Furthermore these bikes are where you hone your riding skills.  I would much rather see the OEMs offer options for these bikes that would allow a purchaser to get improved standard suspension, better braking and fit/comfort items, than plow the R&D money into super-sophisticated electronics controlling all aspects of the ride.

Check out this article.
Simplify. And Add Lightness - To add performance, sometimes all you need is less weight. ~  By Kevin Cameron        February 18, 2021 <>

Don’t know about you, but I prefer to ride the/my bike, and not have some e-tech person sitting at a desk attempting to make it safe for me to be stupid!

Now it you will excuse me, its a rare February day, 60ºF and sunny outside!

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Re: 2019 Suspension Upgrade
Reply #36 on: February 24, 2021, 04:02:03 PM
Congrats for you suspension upgrade! I envy you - it's almost perfect setup IMO. And it's the best way to invest money in your bike "Good suspension = happiness"  :001: