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I have now had a couple of bids on eBay so the auction will run until the end. If anyone is interested please bid on eBay as I won't now sell on here as it's not fair on the bidders.

I have a 2019 model bike and it came with a centre stand fitted which I am selling as I have gone with the Rally Raid bash plate so had to remove it. The bike has only done 1500 miles so the stand is in very good condition and comes with all the fittings. I am looking for 75 and I have listed it on eBay at a starting price of 50 if people would rather bid for it. I am in Worcestershire UK and would prefer collection but can post to mainland UK for 10.
Cheers Paul

I thought they looked the same as well so I did ask the question on here and was advised that they are different and that you can't fit the older one to the post 2019 bikes. I think one of the issues is the cat in the pipe hitting the guard on the older version. I also called rally raid and they confirmed that they are different and the old one will not fit. I would be happy for someone to tell me otherwise but the problem is that I have already purchased a newer version and are just waiting for it to be delivered. Once I have it I will put them both side by side and compare.

I purchased this to go on a 2014 bike I was planning to buy but didn't go ahead with in the end. I put my hands a little deeper into my pockets and ended up going for a 2019 version so have had to buy the newer type. This one is the 437 version and is for the 2013 to 2016 models. It's used but in excellent condition and comes with all the bits which are 2 mounting bolts, both stainless shields the stand mount peg and all screws. I am based in Worcestershire just off Jct 1 M42 or Jct 4 M5 and would prefer collection but could post if necessary but this would be about 15 to mainland UK. Sorry but I won't be able to post outside of the UK. I am looking for 150 which is a hundred pound saving on a new one.
No doubt whatever I get for it will be spent on shiny trinkets for the new bike 😄
Cheers Paul

That sounds like more trouble than it's worth. I think the easiest thing is to sell my old 437 version and buy a 747. I will list it on here first in case anybody is looking for one.

Thanks Jx,
Do you know if the older guards can be modified to fit the newer bikes or if they fit if the cat is removed ?

Hello Bubs, in your first post you mention that you are looking to get the 437 engine guard but that you have a 2020 model bike ? On the RR site it says that the 437 is for the earlier models and that the version for the 2019+ bikes is the 747 version. Does anyone know if they are the same guard just with different brackets and if you can fit the 437 version to 19+ bikes but getting the newer brackets or will the older guards just not fit the newer bikes ? Cheers

Bikes for Sale / Re: CB500X 2019 for Sale
« on: March 05, 2021, 06:47:59 PM »
Hello John
Sorry for the delay getting back. I have sent you a PM

Bikes for Sale / Re: CB500X 2019 for Sale
« on: March 05, 2021, 08:01:14 AM »
Thanks John
May I ask why you are selling it just as a matter of interest and also would it be possible to come and have a look as I am in your area on Tuesday with work ? PM me if it's possible to view
Regards Paul

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