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Dont know how long that will take to happen..the dealers only seem to stock basic service items and the odd mug, key ring and maybe one size of helmet and jacket !!! 🤣 might find a few clutch covers with hole milled in so you can hear those dry clutches rattle a bit more.

Tyres and Wheels / Re: Riding the Darkside
« on: April 06, 2021, 07:57:47 PM »
Would love to see the look on an insurance assessors face if you have a spill and he inspects your bike 😁😁🥴

The Desert Sled is much different than the rest of the Ducati Scramblers.
The rear frame,swinging arm, forks and shock absorber..yikes.
It's a very capable machine indeed, just what the Scrambler should have been.

I got rid of the Urban GS to get the CB500X..
Once you have parted with your money, if you ever have a problem, I an I did, it sat in their workshop fir three weeks and not a single call until they wanted it out of there with problem not solved.. vibrations on the overrun that they insisted was tyres...tyres were fitted by BMW as it was a new BMW UK registered bike ! I suggested they rude it with wheels and tyres from one of their bike  .only if you give us 100.00 !
They did not even have the workshop tool to check the final drive backlash !
Nor did they even check the wheel balance!
Never again, they lost a customer who had owned four BMW bikes.. for life, my life if course..never again.

The Ducati Desert Sked was a far nicer and more capable bike in every way.
I would have one of those a heartbeat.
Shame the dealers are not the best a d stock sod all but basis service parts and maybe a mug with an Italian flag...or a clutch cover with holes in for a sports bike ...just to make that dry clutch rattle even louder 🥴

Big clue is I have kept my CB500X for longer than both of them !
And ... no plans to get rid of it either.
I even bought an expensive two into two D&D  stainless exhaust for the Scramblers.
Still have that exhaust with only a couple of hundred miles use if anyone would like !

You would only be wishing for better suspension on that, and rid of that really impractical exhaust.
I say this as I have owned two of them.

Old school scrambler style bikes...
I have had two Triumph Scramblers,One BMW Urban GS and a Ducati Deset Sled.
The one that stands out on looks,light weight, handling,suspension and fun factor was without a doubt..the Desert Sled,  it was just a tad tall following my knee injury.
Hence the CB500X.
I would have a Sled in a heartbeat.
It was Ducati who originally registered the name ' Scrambler ' way back.

It's no surprise to me that RRP sorted out a replacement part, had great service from them and just ordered more today for my T7.
There were some issues with finish on my CB500X soft panniers racks, where the welds were not plated by their contractor.
Looks like the area around the welds was not cleaned up before plating.
I took some pics and Adam at RRP organised advance replacements.
On speaking to Mrs RRP a week or so she said there was no need for me to return the side plates.
I was just going to clean and paint them at one point as this was purely cosmetic usual RRP stand by their products.
Good for business also as the day Adam offered to replace them, I ordered a set of same for my T7.
Now to the point...if anyone wants the side plates and is confident to fabricate the brackets..I will offer them to a member on here for the cost of postage..this would really limit them to a UK member due to postage.
As they cost me nothing but time...its only fair to offer them for free, I dont wish to benefit financially based on the goodwill of RRP.
I have seen that some members fabricate parts themselves so..if anyone is interested, PM me, if there is more that one interested party I will just put the names in a jar and pick the first one out.
They are excellent side plates for bags like Kreiga and similar items.
They (as on mine) accept a tool tube behind each side, in fact, they are pre drilled for them.

Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: disable ABS when offroading
« on: March 09, 2021, 12:02:30 PM »
Must be a long holiday 😉

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