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Title: A note about my Madstad install
Post by: oldtexan on April 11, 2019, 12:31:17 AM
I removed my Madstad windshield and brackets today, installed about 4000 miles ago.  I noticed an issue that others with this install may be interested in.  The Madstad brackets mount directly to the Honda OEM windshield brackets (to which the OEM windshield directly mounts).   The holes in the OEM bracket are large to receive a well nut, and the holes have an open slot at the bottom.  Madstad supplies a SS washer that fits over the back of the wellnut, behind the OEM bracket to make the connection more secure.  That SS washer had severely cut each of the four well nuts almost in half. The windshield brackets still seemed secure to me, but the well nuts being damaged just does not seem proper.

Yes, it's possible I over tightened the well nuts, but I do not believe I did.  The edges of the SS washers are rather sharp - not burred, just sharp - and fit rather tightly around the well nuts.  I think vibration caused the washers to saw into the well nuts. 
Title: Re: A note about my Madstad install
Post by: Jonathan on April 11, 2019, 02:18:09 AM
could be a disaster waiting to happen....but I reckon you'd notice as the screen gets progressively more wobbly. good to flag it up though :028:
Title: Re: A note about my Madstad install
Post by: ThirtyOne on April 11, 2019, 04:23:42 AM
Having played around a lot with the Madstad bracket, I can confirm the same happened with a few of the well nuts on mine too.

The captive part that pulls towards the washer as you tighten the screw will not pass through the washer, or so it seems, so even if it's in two pieces (the rubber boot if you will) you will be drawing the insert into the washer and therefore be clamping it to the OEM shield post. I have found that with vibrations the whole screw/well nut/ washer will sip down from the smaller section on the OEM brackets, but, the washers are oversized and when sitting flat will not pass through the larger opening and become unstable...unless it vibrates completely loose.