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Putting extra parts on your bike I think it's called farkling, well at least on the ST-Riders forum they call it farkling.

On every bike and car we own I change the beeb beeb horn in a set of descent Fiam horns.
So the new CB500Xabs needed a pair also. :169: :169:
This small bike has not that much places to build them on as invisible as possible, and still point the sound in the forward direction.
To often you see bikes equipped with massive horns inside the Tupperware make you sit on a sound bomb but only partly the warning sound is pointed to the front where it is needed.
You can find a complete set of these Fiam horns including a relay under 25. They give a loud but still decent tone with a low and middle tone horn.
It WILL give you the attention in traffic if needed.  :180: :005: :230:

Next to that a centre stand, and the rear foot-pegs are lowered with a set from MFW Germany.
My wife would like to have them a bit lower, but the original exhaust prevents that.
A simple Hugger protect the link and shock for dirt, and a fender extender the front of the engine as well.
Also all our bikes do have a Bagster tank protector / tankbag holder, simply click the tankbag on or of.
The padding gives extra hold to your knees as well.
Replaced the oil filler plug by a oil temp gauge. the oil stays under 80'c

Next thing will be the shock what has to be replaced anyway, whit in 50km from new I had the feeling that the only reason Honda installed this shock was to keep the spring in place. :745:
It will be a Wilbers unit, the factory is just over the border some 45km from where we live.

Pictures can be seen here, as always explaining text under the pictures.

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Hans ten Broeke
De Hoge Esch 49
7783 CB  Gramsbergen NL


Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: BrakeAway Throttle Lock
« on: August 11, 2017, 11:25:53 PM »
Most of our bikes do have a simple Vista Cruse throttle lock.
They are simple and not expensive, some $20 and work fine on "normal" Honda throttles like the ST1100' CB750 Varadero etc.
But I found it difficult to put it on our 2016 CB500x
Any one did this successfully ??  I would like to know.

Next to this I think turning the throttle at low RPM is to much on of.
Is there a simple solution??


New Member Introductions / Re: Greets from the Netherlands
« on: August 06, 2017, 10:20:10 AM »
Hi Poppy,
About your question the CB500X and our motorhome.
It started otherwise around as most of the time, first we've been looking for a while to find a motorhome what is strong enough to carry a bike till some 225kg, so it had to be a double rear axle model, whatever made.
Here in Europe you won't see the big rigs as in the US, smaller roads, parking lots, middelages towns etc.
95% of the MH are max 3500kg the max allowed vehicle weight on a normal driver license.
For more curb weight you need a lorry license up to 50metric tons, what we both have.
Found this one, max 5500kg and as new. I designed and made the bike carrier and chassis strengthening parts myself. Full air suspension can lower the back some 25cm what make loading the bike simple, than a push on a button and back to normal and constant riding height.

If you want see details look here, explaining text under the pictures.

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hope the link works, just let me know

BTW we passed your town riding over the 126 on our way to Ventura. nice area, especial liked it a bit south, the Mulholland hwy.

New Member Introductions / Greets from the Netherlands
« on: August 04, 2017, 12:00:10 AM »
Looking for a better shock I found this forum, so why not introduce ourselves.
Our names are Hans and Wineke, we live in the Netherlands and been all our life bike lovers.
We bought this new CB500x last September to replace our little Honda Varadero 125.
This CB500x travels with us on the back of our motorhome, a holiday without a bike is no holiday.
Most of the time we ride Honda ST1100's and sometimes play around with a SZR660 Yamaha super mono.
The other bikes in our stable are under restoration, and I'm too old to ride safe that Maico GS 400 anymore. :008:
I see on the members map that many of you live in the US.
Again bikes and holidays, we bought in 2005 a red ST1100 in the US and put 60K km on it in 6 holidays (37 states so far), its stationed in Walla Walla, WA.

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