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On Two Wheels / Re: Sold my bike. And now?
« on: February 08, 2020, 08:59:40 PM »
Yes. if you are not 6' it might be intimidating. The first time I sat on, I didn't dare to ride, specially the AS. Some months later I test ride it, very carefully, taking no risks. Now, just 1000 km on, I feel more confident, enough to go off road (slowly), but the weight is there.

But, it is a question of technique, confidence and perseverance ( some drops too), we get there. Watch the videos of Jocelyn Snow riding the mighty R1250 gs. Easy is it?

About the (said )  AT  850 it would fill a gap that Honda has in its range, although Dealers denie. They must still sell the current 1100.

Best regards.

On Two Wheels / Re: Sold my bike. And now?
« on: February 02, 2020, 02:40:55 PM »
Hi Ewryly,
No problem with cables. They are ok.
I mounted the raiser in the vertical, to keep the handlebar in the same vertical position. It might be tight if the handlebar is tilted backwards.
These raiser are cheap chinese copies of Rox Speed. I am just trying the position. If really works then I will order the real ones.

On Two Wheels / Re: Sold my bike. And now?
« on: February 01, 2020, 09:45:17 PM »
Hi folks,
It is a long time since my last post here. As promised i still visit this forum and just want to update my experience with Africa Twin comparing it with the CB500x.
If you followed this thread you might remember that my motivation to sell the little 500x was ergonomics (couldn't ride comfortably standing) and its budget suspension.
Well, since September just rode about 1000 km in the AT. Meanwhile installed wider footpegs and a pair of Mitas E07 and a 2.5" raiser (Rox style).
Ergonomics is fabulous for my 6'2", offering a good riding position either sit or standing. Plenty of space on the seat, even with a pilion, its instruments very visible, and all commands easy to reach.

Riding on the road is super comfortable, like a flying carpet. The suspension may be a little for the soft, but good for my needs. On harsh roads is very compliant and reliable. On motorways I can ride at 150km/h more quiet than at 110 with the 500x. May be the longer wheelbase. On narrow winding roads is definitely less nimble than the 500.

The engine is more powerfull of course, more than I need. It seems a endless fountain.

For the worst, its weight is omnipresent. Just 30kg more, but it feels like twice heavier. Droped it three times, allways when maneuvering. If you let it incline just a Little more than the limit and there it goes to the ground.

About the tires, must say that I am very happy. A little noisier on the road but good grip. Very good on mud and gravel and expect a long life, over 15000km.

In conclusion,
-was it worth the swap?
YES, for sure.

-Today would I repeat the choice?
Not sure, may be Tenere 700 would be a wiser choice. I have tried it twice  and it feels as nimble as the 500x, if not more, and offers size and much better suspension.

Thanks folks. Ride safe.

Well, if it was a question of creative description, colour, size or anything misjudge, I agree that i took the risk. But it was an error of the vendor, and they admitted. They sent a totally different item.
What I expected from Aliexpress was some support to press on the vendor. Just because they claim they back their customers. It seem that is not true.

*Originally Posted by manray [+]
The AT is great bike although a bit too heavy.  Why not wait until the Yamaha T7 rolls out next year in Canada before buying a new bike.  From specs and reviews alone, it would seem the T7 checks all the boxes.

Good thought. I am waiting one or two years to let the Tenere to reach the used market and then sell my AT. I will never buy a new motorcicle agaiin.

On Two Wheels / Re: Sold my bike. And now?
« on: September 17, 2019, 08:39:49 AM »
*Originally Posted by baldeagle [+]
Yes,much cheaper here,of course there is always a but.
The re registration is quite complex and can be expensive.
You must have a Certificate of Conformity,I have imported a few for myself here from UK.
Then there are either agents fees,I don’t do it myself plus taxes.
However worth it as no MOT at present,insurance is cheap and just paid my road tax which was €19.53 for the year.
Residuals are really good hear and you never really see any bargains.

Bom dia, (good morning)
The import process is now quite simple indeed.
If you have the V5 document and the bike has a European homologation number, imt (our dvla) just confirm that. No cost.
Then you compete the customs form online, upload digitized copies of invoice, v5, cmr,etc, you pay the tax (isv) online, and the next day you have the licence plate.
Then you can insure it and fly over to collect the bike or hire a transport.

On Two Wheels / Re: Sold my bike. And now?
« on: September 17, 2019, 08:31:59 AM »
Thanks. It wasn't my first colour choice, but now it my favourite. (Its mine).
About the prices, yes, there is a lot more choice, specially low mileage examples. Our market is very scarse and low mileage one are advertised almost as new prices.
But it is true that there is also a price advantage in UK. The exceptionally weak £ was in favour too. Similar examples in germany are advertised around 1000€ higher. In Portugal around 1500 to 2000 higher. If you need to fly over, stay two nights, and pay the transport, finally the price difference fades.
After the Brexit it won't be any more an option because we will need to pay VAT to register.

*Originally Posted by jknad [+]
I have a beautiful red 2013 CB500X with a full RR3 build. Powder Coated Gold Wheels. Tractive Suspension. RR skid plate. Upper Heed Crash Bars. Rear SW-Motech Rack with aluminium cases. Fat Bar with RR Triple Tree. ABS Cancel button. The list goes on.

I made the mistake of riding an Africa Twin. I am not sure it is a better bike but that Engine is amazing!

I am torn. I love my bike. It is light. Great on gas. Fun. I can keep up with my friends on twisty and gravel roads. I can ride at speeds that will have my bike confiscated.

I still drool over the AT.

Has anyone made the switch? Is it that much (or any) better to live with. What are the downsides (other than price)?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.

Hi, jknad,  I just moved from a standard 18 model CB500x to a 16 Model AT.Can't tell much about the At because I have it just since 2 days ago.
When I bought my new 500x, I had the intention of gaining some experience and go the RR way.
But I am 6´2" and 100kg. Never felt comfortable with the small size of the CB500x, although I still miss its nimbleness and easy riding.
I did the same mistake of trying an AT and after adding the expected costs to go for RR, never went back. Sold my bike and sourced a low mileage used AT. Finally it is cheaper than a RR CB500X.
Yes, I miss the light feeling and for my riding needs the 48hp are more than enough. I believe that I am the problem. Just too big for a small bike.
If I won't be happy with the heavier bike, I will go for a Yamaha Tenere 700. Let's see.

On Two Wheels / Re: Sold my bike. And now?
« on: September 16, 2019, 11:34:40 PM »
Some photos.

at the drop point...

with my safety system

On Two Wheels / Re: Sold my bike. And now?
« on: September 16, 2019, 10:55:25 PM »
Hi folks,
Finally my "new" Africa Twin arrived after 3 long weeks of waiting to the truck return.
Last Saturday I picked it up and did a short trip (35 km) back home, in Highway, cruising cautiously and paying attention to every sound, every reaction. Tyre pressure on the low side. O visit to gas station to fill up and inflate tires. Then, after lunch did another, longer trip, 55 km of highway, plus 15 km of local roads, with sections of stone bricks, slippery, steep descent, sections of well paved winding road (all this two way) and just a short 200 meters of gravel, hard packed with loose sand, within family property. It was enough for the first drop. :027:! not a scratch. The front wheel slept sideways on a small groove and didn't even tried to grab it. too heavy.

My first impressions, in a short report are:
The motor is more powerful, more brutal, but pleasant. It was not a factor to change. The 48hp of the 500 twin are enough for my ridind needs (at least for now).
The suspensions are far better, more comfortable, mode compliant, but may be too soft. Not yet tuned for my weight (100 kg with gear on). May be will need a new set of higher rated springs. Let's see.
The ergonomics are perfect for my 6´2", long legs.

For worst, its weight. It is definitely more heavier, especially on low speed handling. But I expected that, so no surprise. It will take some time to get confidence. The average fuel consumption is also noticeably higher. 1,5 to 2 litres more per 100km.

The "new" bike is a 16 registered standard AT, crash bars, heated grips, aux led lights, Scott oiler, centre stand, top box+panniers, and almost new Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 set of tires. It had 5800 miles when arrived and not a single scratch. As new.
I bought it in UK, at CMCbikes Coleshill. All he buying process was dealt by phone and email. Their service was so professional and confidence inspiring that I didn't travel to see the bike. Just transferred the cash and hired a truck to transport the bike home.
A big thanks to Martin Swingewood and Russ Curwood. They were super. Highly recommend them.

Well, for now its all. Later I will return with some more impressions. Now will tune it for me and ride a lot before the winter arrives.

Cheers. :080:

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