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*Originally Posted by ewryly [+]
Glad to read you are recovering well and that is where the Chernobyl impression ends!
Cheers :-)
Just cant wait to get out on the X again.. haven't enjoyed riding and owning a bike so much since I bought my firs Blackbird.. So much fun and ability in such a small package ! Just amazing :-)

*Originally Posted by S2S_Guy [+]
Hey Jaws,

Which brand of rear socket did you use?
Sorry for late reply.. Last Friday afternoon I left for Lake Garda.. By Saturday late morning I was in hospital in Leuven undergoing 4+ hours of emergency surgery after a hernia did a passable impression of Chernobyl and put me on my back
Got shipped home and recovery is going well..

Any ways.. Rear sprocket.. I used JT sprockets front and back..And happy to report that although the bike struggled a bit up hills, just downshifting still had is cruising at 75 mph no problem and playing catchup briefly saw well over 100mph on both the gps and speedo ( full up camping gear , panniers. top box, a big waterproof bag full of stuff for someone in Italy came in at a portly 105 kilos!)
Fuel consumption is recorded at 62 mpg

*Originally Posted by short-edd [+]
Hi Jaws,
I also have an old Scott-oiler that I would like to fit,
Where did you find a take-off point for the Scott-oiler vacuum pipe ?

Off the injector body balance pipes Edd
The black plastic bit I blagged off a windscreen washer pipe I happened to have laying around, but you can get a Y or T piece from any motor factors ( I think even Halfords might have them but prolly charge 4 million for them LOL !

New Member Introductions / Re: New member in Norfolk UK
« on: August 06, 2019, 11:16:03 PM »
*Originally Posted by Mence [+]

Cheers  :152:

Forgot.. I had a tank bag connector ring from an old BMW GS.. modified it to fit the CB and fitted a small Givi tank bag
Another pic.

Here is what I have done to the poor thing to get it ready for Euro trip

GPS fitted
12v unswitched socket under the seat ( to feed a light in the tent etc )
12v + 2xUSB switched sockets on the handlebars
Ally accessory bar made to go on the windshield brackets and a GoPro mount welded to it
GoPro ( with external voltage feed so no battery worries )
Hand guards ( meant for 2016 but got them to fit the '19 no problem )
Vista Cruise throttle lock ( though this will be changed for on of my stainless throttle locks when I get home )
Givi screen ( 19 cm taller than stock ) Again for 2015 model but with minor tweek fitted ok )
Front sprocket changed to 16t
Rear sprocket to 39t. This has resulted in the speedo being within 1.5 mph ..  at 80mph
Scottoiler fitted ( old original type, bought 2nd hand for 20 )
Givi case locks changed so one key fits all ( demerit mark for Wheels of Peterborough for not doing it before bike was collected  )
Centre stand.. will be fitting it tomorrow when the paint dries  :002:
I took an old Blackbird stand, reduced the width by about 2" and the height the same. Cut the HUGE side lever ( the bit you put your foot on to assist getting the bike on the stand ) much shorter and reattached the foot pad to it. Shortened the spring and put new bend in it

I think that about it so far

Rally Raid / Re: New 2019 CB500X - New Parts
« on: August 05, 2019, 09:11:31 PM »
Yup ! A lot of things have stayed the same on Honda bikes ever since 1996 : :001:

New Member Introductions / Re: New member in Norfolk UK
« on: August 04, 2019, 09:02:53 PM »
*Originally Posted by yeendy [+]
Great story Jaws , I admire your determination. I am also in sunny Norfolk , I have my stupid fast road bike up sale at the moment, when sold I will be on the hunt for  cb500 x and possibly rally raid it for trips abroad . maybe see you out and about  sometime ?
Still kept my one off Bird that I built and maybe looking for an R6 when I get shot of the MP3 :-), but even that is down to CB5 ownership.. It has completely rejuvenated my life times love of bikes. It is fun to ride, nice to work on and cheap as a cheap thing to run..
Used to work in KL in the 70's.
When I moved to Norfolk I was a grade 1 tv engineer .. Unable to get a suitable job I applied to Bensleys for a job as an aerial rigger.. They said they did not want to employ someone but would take on a contractor.. I subbed to them for several years ............. Also was a long time member of the KL amateur radio club for much of the 80's and 90's :-)

Rally Raid / Re: New 2019 CB500X - New Parts
« on: August 03, 2019, 06:36:14 PM »

Thank you  :152:

*Originally Posted by denislordm [+]
Understood  :001:
Took your advice and sent him a cheeky offer ( not too cheeky ! )
Appreciate the heads up Denis .... thank you  :002:   :062:

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