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Tyres and Wheels / Continental Trail Attack 2s
« on: July 14, 2018, 04:09:53 AM »
I had hoped to replace the Scorpions with TKC70s but I pnly had a week to do it and the rears werent available from the local distibutor and that went for Shinkos and Avons as well, they were all on back order. So I went for the Trail attack 2s which were in stock.
 So far Im glad I did, the reality of my riding is mostly asphalt with some gravel and occasional dirt and grass. When I bought my X it already had 6,000kms on it so I dont know what the scorpions were like brand new but they werent very confidence inspiring off asphalt and that was why I was hoping for the tkc70s
At first ride the trail attacks felt like they were glued to the ground and I thought, great they are slowing my bike down but as I got used to them I found they are very good on asphalt and much better than the scorpions on gravel. The tread appears more aggresive than the scorpions and the tires feel more solid. I got 22,000kms out of the scorpions so maybe thats why I am so impressed with the continentals but I dont think so.

Just wondering if anyone else found that 1st gear was a little fast for negotiating obstacles off road and changed sprockets

CB500X - General Chat / Going for a ride in Pennsylvania this weekend
« on: September 20, 2016, 02:30:49 AM »
I got my CBX on Sept.7th and my buddy bought his a week later so now he decided that a good place to ride is in the Poconos, just Saturday and Sunday. I've never gone on a motorcycle tour before so I'm excited and a little nervous since I have a Coffman exhaust and PA has a law regarding noisy motorcycles and prohibits aftermarket exhausts on motorcycles. I think I'll put the stock muffler back on but I was wondering if anyone on the forum had any experience on the matter.

New Member Introductions / Just about to take the plunge
« on: September 04, 2016, 02:15:20 AM »
I placed a deposit on a 2015 with 5132kms on it and a Coffmans slipon, looks excellent condition.
I haven't owned my own bike for almost 30yrs but have ridden others and am stoked about getting an X. Very glad to find this forum and see other canucks here too. So Greetings from London Ontario :152: Hopefully to pick it up Wednesday.


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