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Recall just issued for CBR500R and F models in Australia

Details at -

Ride Reports, Trips, and Touring / Wet Weekend in Walcha 2015
« on: February 24, 2015, 09:55:25 AM »
What happens in Walcha stays in Walcha!  :016: :821:  :063:

On Two Wheels / MotoGP - BSB - WSBK - any racing fans out there?
« on: February 12, 2015, 10:16:37 AM »
Not sure about you but I love motorcyles.  They aren't just a way to get from A to B but they certainly make that more fun!  :001:

I love motorcycles going really fast at the hands of a trained pro too.  I mean what the top riders are capable of doing on a bike is just mind blowing and awe inspiring.  I don't kid myself for a second that I could ride like that without meeting the air barriers at turn one or a nasty slide through the kitty litter at turn two.

I have been to few MotoGP races at Phillip Island here at home in Australia.  The atmosphere over the whole weekend is unreal.  That sense of shared purpose with other riders and racing fans is big part of the attraction for me too.

I have been watching the pre season testing for MotoGP and cannot wait for the season to start again in March at Qatar under lights.  It is gonna be an awesome year and we are off to the Island again to watch the Australian GP.

Anyone else out there enjoy watching the bike racing?  :821:

Maintenance and Servicing / Exhaust repacking?
« on: February 10, 2015, 07:43:14 AM »
Am really keen on an exhaust that fits the X with a centre stand.  One of the few appears to be the Akrapovic which has the stopper built in specifically for the stand.  I know they have a good reputation as well.  But they mention it needs repacking every 10,000 miles or so.  Is that a relativley easy thing to do in anyones previous experience?  :084:

April sounds like a good time for a getaway on the bikes.  Thought I would start a new post as the other one has sort of died off a bit over time  :015:

How about we start something that could become an annual meet up?!  I was thinking we could call it the "April Fools' Rally"!  :001:

Personally would prefer to avoid the school holidays as that isn't much fun on the roads or for finding accommodation. Also avoid the Easter weekend as that will have double demerits for some of us.  That leaves us with the weekend of the 25th and 26th (Anzac day weekend) Could also be some good ole two-up fun to be had in country towns as well!  :016: :001:

Looking at the member map, we have a concentration of members in NSW, QLD and VIC in the capitals and surrounds.  Maybe a start off location that all can ride to, if enough interest from interstate?

Some of the location suggestions were through NSW areas around Gloucester, Walcha, Port Mac etc and stay in camp/cabins.  I'm a princess and like motels/hotels so something that has both would be nice, like a decent country town. 

I know you are out there and want to ride your bike, let's get this going and make it happen.

Suggest away people!   :821:

Random Banter / Up the Villa!
« on: August 18, 2014, 09:29:28 AM »
Better get the celebration in now as Villa have the whole season ahead to disappoint me!  :015: :821:

Anyone else follow EPL and have a love hate relationship with their team?

Having only looked quickly at the rear brake pedal assembly, I had wrongly concluded that there was no adjustment available or very little.  A much wiser rider of many years stopped by today for a chat.  I mentioned the brake pedal dilemma to him and was met with a sceptical glance and a 'gis a look at it!'

I explained that when using the rear brake at the advanced rider course last weekend, my shin was sore from having to lift my toes up high to place my foot over the pedal.  It was annoying and I was contemplating bend the brake pedal arm to lower it enough to make it comfortable to use.

He took one look and said right, grab the spanners.  Two minutes later he said hop on and try that. Problem solved without requiring any bending of the brake pedal arm!  :138:

It's a simple matter of loosening the lock nut towards the bottom of the brake rod, then turning the adjustment nut (the one above it) up or down until you reach the desired height and gently tightening the lock nut down again.  The adjustment nut can be hard to see as it sits below and up against the rubber boot at the bottom of the brake piston at the rear the pedal unit.


Random Banter / New CB500X model found!
« on: July 23, 2014, 11:12:52 AM »
While searching Google for CB500X bits and pieces I found a whole new model has been released!  :008:


Maintenance and Servicing / Mystery smell?
« on: July 02, 2014, 10:42:38 AM »
Might have to get my X into the shop soon.   Last couple of rides have had a lightly 'burning' oil smell.  No wet weather.  No visible oil leaks, no puddles or pools etc.  Been over the engine visually and cannot see any leaks or seal issues.  Looked around the exhast and underneath but nothing there either.  Checked oil level and is still in the same spot. Still that burning smell at traffic lights or when stationary at home and engine idling.

I hate those mystery smells! :233:

Random Banter / Haynes Manual?
« on: June 22, 2014, 01:21:31 PM »
There's a new member who joined called 'haynesm'.  Now I might be stretching it but could only hope that is a someone from Haynes deciding whether they should make a Haynes workshop manual for the CB500 range of bikes??!!  :084: :187: :156:

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