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CB500X - General Chat / Time to Change: almost 24.000 kms and 4 years
« on: February 21, 2021, 09:37:04 PM »
I've been a happy and proud owner of a 2017 CB500X-ABS. Got a good 24.000 kms on it, time for the dreaded valve clearance revision.

Iím rounding 64, been on 2 wheels since 3, and motorcycles since I could afford one (mom wouldnīt allow it). Always dual purpose up to 500cc. mostly Hondas. And have always said that a motorcycle shouldnít weight over 150kg. With the years summing up I use the bike mostly for commuting in a middle sized town, and in the last years whenever possible taking some adventure trips around secondary roads in Chile and Argentina. My current bike has been a CB500X, which is already over 190kg, and I have loved it. Itís been brilliant to me, very good looking, nimble, fast enough, economical, reliable. But not so comfortable over long distances and I have to admit, not comfortable on the occasional off road over long expanses of rough routes. And I really like the idea of having DCT auto transmission and all the great late improvements on electronic assistance. So, before being unable to get the foot over the seat I was thinking on the new NC750X. But with all the nice improvements on the NC750X 2021 model the transmission travel was lowered from 150 to 120mm. And what I really missed on the CB500X was having a long travel suspension.
So I went all the way and just got the CRF1100L DCT Africa Twin.
Liking it so far. A lot. Frequent peeking at the garage (I find the 500X cuter though). The DCT feels a little rough specially on 1st and 2nd gear  but feels to work very well on Sport mode (don't like at all the feeling of the Drive mode). Love the long travel off road suspension even when driving on the city most of the time, big smiles going over speed bumps and potholes like nothing. It gets hard and scary right now on slow speed maneuvers, backing up or pushing it. And the throttle is very and I mean very jumpy and kind of scary on first gear (donít have a clutch lever).
Most annoying thing so far is that the foot pegs are just in the way when dropping the legs on stops, especially when you want to paddle a little the beast while seated on it.

This forum has been a great asset to depend on info on the bike, sharing experiences and participating in a community. Thank you guy's. I may return when Honda releases the Africa Twin 500.

CB500X - General Chat / Almost 4 years and 24000km might be time to move on
« on: November 15, 2020, 04:58:14 AM »
Almost 4 years and 24000km might be time to move on...
Iím not getting any younger, really thinking on moving towards the newly revised and "lighter" DCTís: the NC750X ot the amazing, if available X-ADV

I’m just back from a wonderful trip over Argentina northwest Puna, Antofagasta de la Sierra, crossing from Copiapo Chile by Paso San Francisco and back by Paso Jama to San Pedro de Atacama. Fantastic, out of this world scenery, wonderful people... And I had to relearn the hard way that you have to dramatically lower the factory recommended tire pressure on the CB500X when riding off road, specially over soft or sandy terrain. Even at 36 psi on the rear tire (33 at front is OK) the bike felt awful, no confidence at all, very unpleasant. And on a very soft and long patch I was a little over speed and the bike began wriggling out of my control and I fell, without much damage other than to my proud and cheerful mood. I did learn this on a previous trip on the CB500X, but after I saw some YouTube influencers saying it wasn’t really necessary and I felt, literally. After that, I lowered  the rear tire to 28 psi and it was another bike altogether!!!  With that and the right speed I regain control and the pleasure of riding over soft terrain for many many miles. I have the Shinko's 705 on.

Rally Raid / Re: Level 1 Tractive Shock RRP 459 settings 2017 CB500X ABS
« on: February 06, 2018, 05:02:23 AM »
(I asked this as a reply on another post but maybe here is better placed on its own)

If I want to install Level 1 Tractive Shock RRP 459 but I don't want to mess with the shock settings (Preload, Rebound, HS-LS Compression) after the shock is installed.
Will it come pre adjusted with the optimal settings for the ordered spring rate? Or will it come with a clear suggestion for the optimal settings for the Rider weight inc clothing and light luggage?
I don't need to adjust for a passenger or extra luggage. And I prefer a somewhat softer setting, more akin to bad roads than to a race track, without losing the bike on the highway.
That being said, I weight 80Kg without clothing, plus bike accesories (Top Case, Skid Plate) plus some light luggage, should I go for the Total 105-120Kgs = Harder Spring 120Nm instead of the standards 110Nm?

I really don't want to be playing with the settings (having options is very bad for my mental health); don't want to have the remote adjuster and certainly don't want to have to disassemble and hammering to do adjustments after the shock is installed.  :087:  :110:

Suspension / report real life experience with aftermarket shocks
« on: February 02, 2018, 04:12:50 PM »
Ok. We all love our 500x but many of us dislike it's suspension. Many posts here and there about this issue. I would like to improve it and it's not cheap. The least you can do is to install an aftermarket rear shock; an RR level 1 or an Ohlins will be at least around 500U$. Many agree that would do the most change for the lesser expense.
So would be very interesting to hear the real life experience of the members here who already did the change, not theoreticians please  :018:

I have to alert you about cheap china gear indicators and sellers. I have posted here suggestions about the one I got. At first it worked fine but after a couple of months the display begun to fail for no reason. I contacted the seller who failed to send a replacement or to return the money and aliexpress doesn't give you a chance to open a dispute after 60 days, so you are on your own.

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