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Hi all,

I'm selling my 20" Madstad screen and winglets from my now sold 13 Plate CB500X.

It's the light smoke variety (and it really is light, did cut the glare off the concrete section of the M25 though, so that was an unexpected bonus), 6 months old and in pristine condition.

150 + P&P (will be Collect+ or MyHermes, buyers choice).

On Two Wheels / Suggestions for a motorway commuter
« on: January 05, 2019, 05:40:00 PM »
Afternoon all,

I'm after some suggestions and advice. My commute is possibly going to change due to a new job in the offing. My 30 mile round trip (short bit of motorway then A roads) is going to become 100 miles round trip of motorway.

I despise my CBX on the motorway at the best of times, so I draw the line at this. I need to change it (and please don't try and convince me otherwise - it's personal preference) and I want to see what people would suggest.

I've test ridden the Crossrunner and Tiger 800 in the past (as well as the V-Strom 1000, Versys 1000 and, Z900RS, Tracer 700 and 900 (and GT)).

Don't really like the latter ones in that list...the Tracer 900 was alright but it's too expensive to insure for me with 18 months experience (I'm 33, 1 years NCB) and the Crossrunner kinda has a similar problem (it's only still in the list because it was so nice).

Other bikes on my mind are the F800GT, and someone else threw in the Deauville NT700 as it would do what I want, although there's no excitement. As you can probably tell, I'm after someone a bit more upright and with decent wind protection.

In terms of budget, the max I've got is 8.5k, but of course I'd like to spend less if at all possible.

Hi guys,

I've....swell I've gotten really confused about sprockets. I've read a lot of the threads on here and ended up more confused rather than clear.

My bike has got to go in for new break pads and a chain, so the mechanics have said to do the sprockets at the same time; having read around on that it does seem like it's a fair thing to do at 12k miles (I've got some seized links on the chain). As it's going in for some work in this area and having read that changing the sprockets can make it a smoother, calmer ride, I thought I'd take the opportunity to do so.

The thing is...I've gotten confused what to ask for. I'm after lower revs at motorway speeds and a slightly smoother delivery/curve when pulling off.

Am I right in thinking that I need a 16T front sprocket and a 39T rear? Is it both I need to change from the OE spec? is the OE spec?

Told you I was confused  :087:

Thanks in advance guys.

On Two Wheels / Any ideas why the VFR 800 X is so expensive to insure?
« on: November 14, 2018, 02:55:43 PM »
I'm looking at changing my bike as I want something physically bigger with more grunt and better dynamics - that's personal preference rather than a downer on the CBX.

I've gotten quite smitten with the VFR 800 X but I am astounded at how much the insurance on it is in comparison to it's peers. For reference, a 2016 bike valued at 9000, doing 5k miles per annum, stored on a driveway with 18 months experience and 1 years NCB comes to about 950 on average. Using the same stats as above a Tiger 800 XRT is about 670 and a Kawazaki Versys 1000 GT is about 630.

What surprised me wasn't how much it cost for the VFR, but just how different it is to the other bikes that are loosely in the same class. So I wonder why?

I understand what causes premiums to vary from vehicle to vehicle (cost to repair, likelihood of a claim etc) but I'm surprised there is such a difference between the Tiger 800 and the VFR, as well as the Versys (which is a rocketship, holy cow, with the Akra can on it sounded astonishing as I got up to the redline in 2nd...looked at the clocks and quickly closed the throttle!). Wondered if anyone here had any insights/thoughts?

On Two Wheels / 4cyl adv tourers?
« on: November 01, 2018, 09:19:04 AM »
Morning all,

I'm looking at getting a new bike (early stages) as I want something a bit..."more" than the CB500X. Having ridden a good selection of different bikes now I have found that I really like the characteristics of a 4cyl motor (and am beginning to loath twins!). It's personal preference of course so I don't think people who like twins are "wrong", just that I don't like them that much.

So far of all the bikes I've ridden, only the VFR 800 X and the Versys 1000 GT have been 4cyl and, crucially, adventure styled bikes (I'm not saying you'd take either off road, but I love the riding position). I wondered if I was missing anything else?

As a reference, I've ridden the following:

  • Yamaha Tracer 700
  • Yamaha Tracer 900 (& the GT)
    • Honda VFR 800 X
    • Suzuki V-Strom 1000 XT
    • Kawazaki Versys 1000
    • Kawazaki Z900 RS

    Yet to ride
    • Triumph Tiger 800
    • BMW F750GS

    I didn't really like Yamaha's triple, but I hear that the Triumph one has different characteristics due to the way it's tuned, so I'm keen to try that. And apparently the F750/F850 GS's twin feels pretty different to the rest.

    I wasn't really looking for a 1000cc bike but, as you know, there aren't many 4cyl adv bikes around (if Honda bin the VFR800X due to the Euro 5 emissions and do a 650X I think I'd be in the sweet spot). Did thoroughly enjoy the Kawazaki Z900RS and if I didn't commute on the bike I think I'd be looking at that or the incoming CB650R...but for my tastes it would be hard work riding one of them every day. The VFR800X has amazing wind protection, at 6'2" I was in the "bubble" of airflow still, and that was with the 2015 MY which had the fixed screen.

    So, thoughts and suggestions welcome!

Morning all,

Lots of Madstad threads recently but I thought I'd add mine to the mix too! I recently installed the 20" screen (light grey) with the deflectors: I'm 6ft2in so according to Madstad's specs I'm the right size for the 20in screen. Purchased it from BikeHPS in the UK (I mention this as I'll come back to it later).

All of the following comments in this block are based on the screen being in it's most upright (and one notch back from this) position

I'm definitely seeing improvement over the stock screen but I have found a particularly annoying issue - if I raise the screen to a height which clears the airflow to the top of my helmet I get a really strong stream of air the chest (coming under the bottom of the screen). That's not particularly comfortable (at best) and will be bloody cold in the winter I suspect. It can also catch me on the chin when doing motorway speeds, so the buffering can sometimes be pretty bad.

In order to get rid of this stream of air hitting my chest I have to drop the screen all the way which point my head is right in the airflow again. It's cleaner airflow for sure, lots of wind noise of course, but not much buffering.

Next thing to try is having the screen in its lowest position and tilted back a bit more to see if that quietens the airflow a bit more (off the top of the screen in the low position the airflow occasionally clips the chin on my helmet).

I have to say, so far....not overly impressed with it. Especially after riding a 2015 VFR 800X with a stock screen which was really smooth (and the screen on that got improved for 2017!).

Now...back to BikeHPS. They recommended that I may actually be better off the 18" screen as they have found that on Triumph Tiger 800 the smaller screens have delivered better results than the big ones. Which is interesting, but they won't exchange my screen for that without giving me a pro-rata refund (based on condition) as my 20" screen is "used". So I won't be trying this, but I thought you might all be interested in it, as everyone seems to be going for the 22" screen.

Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Baffles in or out?
« on: May 11, 2018, 03:41:31 PM »
Baffles out is sodding loud...but exceptionally good sounding. If slightly antisocial on my Fuel exhaust.

Hi all,

I know there are so many questions on chain cleaning and I apologise to add yet another. Hopefully this is different enough to be interesting - I've got the technique and process down, no problems there at all.

My question is about the volume of cleaner I seem to be using - it has surprised me to find that I'm using about half a can (500ml - Wurth Chain cleaner) each time - I'm absolutely dousing it and a load of crud comes off - it's certainly doing the job. I'm curious to see if anyone thinks I'm using too much of it or if it's about right.

As I'm a novice to bike maintenance I'm keen to learn - using loads guarantees the job is done, but it could be wasteful.

New Member Introductions / Hi from Surrey, UK
« on: April 23, 2018, 11:38:57 AM »
Hi all,

I've been lurking for the past year whilst riding my CB500X and gleaming really useful insight, thought I should actually join up!

I've got a '13 plate in White. It had about 4k on the clock with two previous owners when I got it...I've doubled that over the past year as I use it as my primary form of commuting. I will get some pic's up at some point but I can run you through the spec that I have (looks like the original owner spent a bit on options):

As I bought it:
  • Honda Topbox
  • OEM rear hugger
  • Centre stand
  • Bellypan (I think...looks like it from the accessories brochure)
  • Honda heated grips

What I've added
  • Givi handguards
  • Gear indicator
  • Pyramid plastics fender extender
  • Fuel Exhaust (Classic, round, slash cut) - currently waiting to be shipped

Absolutely love the bike - it's the first thing I've ridden since was on a Peugeot Streetfight 100 when I was at college about....damn....17 years ago! Sometimes I do think I'd like something with a bit more grunt like a Tracer or the Tiger 800, but I'm a relatively inexperienced rider (and a wife who might drop me if I mention changing bikes...) so I'm sticking with this and learning as much as possible. The new can will make it sound a bit fruitier at least :)

So...yes - HI!  :152:

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