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Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Add on lights failing
« on: October 18, 2019, 05:17:35 PM »
Ok, so my Sons bike 2015 x and me on my FJR, went for a Europe trip, his addon lights bolted on to the engine bars decided to extinguish, one after around 350 miles, and the other 1400 miles into the trip.
   Having returned from the trip some weeks ago we took a look.
The bulb filaments had self destructed, why?   The vibration  (mentioned on this forum some while ago) , on engine bars is extreme at certain revs, as I asked my Son to grab each one in turn whilst we were on the trip and he couldnít believe the oscillating they cause, go beyond a certain rev range then they smooth out..
   So the bars are coming off. One wonders what else itíll cause .

Ride Reports, Trips, and Touring / Anyone interested in this?
« on: April 20, 2019, 12:29:48 PM »
My ol buddy from school (1980,s) usually accompanies me on a trip on his own bike each year to various destinations in Europe, and this year he has bowed out due to work/ house commitments . Just two of us , two bikes. My wife is happy for me to go.
   So my plans were to : Portsmouth ferry to North Spain( probably Bilbao), bike to Barcelona for ferry to Sardinia, either up through to Corsica, the Italy via ferry, OR depending on time,  to Sicily (from Sardinia across to mainland south Italy to Bari/Brindisi, then ferry to Albania then up through the old Yugoslavia. Three weeks in early June, camping most of the time. Allow budget around £1700/2000. Thatís fuel, campsites eating. Free to either join up, part company etc no strings etc.
If I donít go this year itíll be next.
PM me if seriously interested.
Thank you

Maintenance and Servicing / Chain adjustment.
« on: April 06, 2019, 05:25:04 PM »
Chain adjustment has two outcomes!
Not sure this has been mentioned before but if the drive chain is adjusted whilst bike is on the centre stand allowing for the 40mm slack, then sit on the bike itís TOO TIGHT.
  I realise the bike manual says have it on the side stand but that does not replicate the rider weight.
   Like the Africa Twin (early models), the chain is adjusted with rider on.
Try it see what your outcome is, but I will always adjust it with rider on the X.

Having now just purchased a new standard set up and replaced it, the lowering kit is up for sale.  £35.00 in postage. (UK only.)

PM me if interested. Also fits the F and R models too.

HI Guys.
My Son has a 15 reg x and has a lowering kit on it (triangles only, Not dogbones) Itís too low for him as he is a tall chap, having just bought the bike.
Is there any one out there who wants these two triangles in exchange for the originals.  These items are still on the bike and are in good condition, and have signs of use.

They look a pricey item new(£60 or so), so the deal is If you send me your pair of standard triangles with a spare Jiffy bag pre paid self addressed, I will by return send these lowering pair of Lust racing triangles.  1st come first served. Uk only.

You can call me on ##redacted##

Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Battling with fuse blowing.
« on: March 19, 2019, 05:40:01 PM »
So my lovely low mileage X has been brilliant, bar one thing. The Givi lights that came with the bike ,fixed to the engine bars ,get you noticed by car drivers.
 But they kept blowing the one of the fuses inline.
So yesterday I removed ALL the wiring associated with this set up, and rewired it with new relay.
  AS I was by copying the loom, the original electrical set up had two fuses....which is fine, one being the live feed directly from the battery to the relay but the culprit was the fuse on the live wire from the relay to the lights. Why was that there? So I fathomed out that if the fuse was put on the live supply to the switch on the handlebars the problem solved....thus in doing that I ran out of  time to have a ride out.
  However, so far no more blown fuse!


Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / 39 tooth sprocket
« on: June 16, 2018, 08:23:20 AM »
Having read various posts on the gearing etc and sprockets size I thought I too would go for it.
So off with the 41 and on with the 39 . No, the chain I didnít change, as the bike had just under 2000 miles on it, but I certainly would if over say 4000.
   This is a job you cannot really do without a proper riveting tool, and would recommend anyone to buy one, I had one many years, seldom used, but useful.
    Sprocket on, wheel in chain on etc etc....went for a quick hack and the difference is brilliant.
   As another Ďposter in another threadí. says, itís less buzzy, more relaxed, and imo perfect for the bike.
  So now at 70 mph the revs are 5200rpm. Plenty left to accelerate, and brilliant if you do touring. I WOULDNT however, change the front sproket (as some else one suggested), from a 14 to 16, as that would make 1 st gear far too long.
 The bike is better than ever, well pleased.

On Two Wheels / First, worst, and best bike?
« on: June 05, 2018, 07:53:32 PM »
Ok folks, worldwide.
What was your first motorbike/scooter/Ďped?
What was your worst and why?
And your best bike you have ever owned and why.
MMy first was a red Puch Maxi 49 cc with a set of pedals incase the hills got too steep.
My worst was a Yamaha XJR 1300 because I found it too low, too exposed in the wind, nice to look at though.
My best bike to date and still own is my FJR1300....beautiful.

Doing a few clean up jobs on the X, and I ordered a few stainless steel M4 pozidrive x40 mm contersunk screw, so in any situation they will not rust.

A strange arrangement this, as years ago the lids used to be circular screw caps with no screws to rust.

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