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I have a question regarding play at the fuel tank mounting bolts.
I've just reintalled the fuel tank after doing some winter maintenance.
First time doing this with the 2017 cb500x.
All hoses and fuel pump connector reconnected fine and aligned in their correct place.
Reinstalled the 2 fuel tank mounting bolts and collars up front.
Torqued mounting bolts to service manual spec of 7 ft/lb.
However if I attempt to lift up on the tank from the front, I can see about 1mm of free play at the 2 front mounting bolts - between the rubber grommets.  And that's if I lift with a decent amount of force.

Can someone advise whether this is a normal amount of play once torqued down, or is this too much?
I still have side panels off at the moment. Perhaps those not being mounted allow it more room to move. Maybe it snugs down once they're back on?
Wouldn't mind having some input from those more experienced than I.
D.  :002:

New Member Introductions / Hey from Enderby, Canada
« on: August 03, 2018, 09:48:25 PM »
Hey all.

Just bought a used 2017 CB500X a few weeks ago and it's amazing!
I live in a small town called Enderby in British Columbia, Canada and commute 160km per day for work (except for the winter/snow season).
My place is a few kms up a dirt road, but the majority of the ride is highway with some twisty bits.
The CB just makes the ride real fun!

My previous bike was a Suzuki M90 so it's a big change moving to the CB.
I'm enjoying the new seating position and the bike being 300lbs lighter makes a huge difference for cornering, braking, etc.
I wont miss backing the old M90's 720lbs into the garage!
I'm impressed how the CB handles the dirt roads I've ridden so far - very stable.

Looking forward to making a few changes to suit my longish rides.
Been learning from previous forum posts and wanted to thank everyone for the ton of information that's there.
It's going to help me a bunch with what I plan to do to make the bike fit the commute even better.

See you all out in the forum!  :306:

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