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NOTE: I am actually going to make a rack where the rear seat cover is. I have done this post for those who may be concidering the CBR seat/rear seat swap.
As far as the two pieces in concerned, this turned out a little more complicated than I first thought. If you are not comfortable cutting and fine fitting stuff, this isn't for you.
When I first fitted the seat all I did was add a Al bar with 4 holes and a couple of spacers between the back of the seat and the cross bar Al piece I made.
When I tried to add the rear seat cover I bought from China , it got a touch more complicated. First the Clip in stuff WILL fit. So the really hard bit is fine.
However the CBR seat front lock tabs don't fit anywhere on the CBX. Luckily they WILL fit under the Al piece I made to support the seat. BUT if you are retaining the rear side panels you will have to carefully match the line of the edge of the seat cover to the panels to get it to fit. I also had to change the seat attachment so it bolted directly to the AL bar and put 25mm spacers UNDER the bar ( between the Bar and the frame to lift it high enough to get the front seat cover tabs under. I also had to cut and fair the front of the rubber back piece area and the rubber to fit, as well as cut down the back of the CBR seat where it bolts on. You need to fabricate som rubber spacers to go under between tthe seat cover clip on area and the frame to stop it rattleing.
If you are leaving the  The rear passanger handgrips on it would actuall look a bit tidier.
So now to go back to making the rear rack using the seat cover base.

This mod substantially improves standover height ( lower) and sits you furthur down into the bike for distance riding.

Have a look in the tyres threads for pics of this mod. I just posted if you are interested

Permanent fix for the annoying sloppy chain adjusters for DIY people.
Changes will enable you to get the rear wheel out using only 5 pairs of hands rather than 10.

You don't need any fancy tools or materials.
Tools : good quality drill bits 6 and 8mm. Metal capable.
Materials: EVA closed cell foam blocks 30mmx30mmx25mm. , zipties to fit through the holes.
You can do this with the axle in place. You only have to remove the chain adjuster plates.

Stage one: Cut two blocks of closed cell flexible foam (EVA ) into the above sizes. Drill an 8mm hole from one 30mm side to the parallel 30mm side along the axes of the 25mm wide side. (see picture).
Stage two. Remove the adjuster plates. Drill a hole in the dent ( from behind in the hollow) from the inside to the outside and a 6mm hole in the centre of the TOP of the rear of the swingarm, about 10mmfrom the end.

CB500X - General Chat / Clutch plates. Why don't they seem to exist?
« on: October 18, 2018, 09:51:28 PM »
My project bike has been unable to be reassembled and ridden for 4 weeks now. Why? Because It appears that clutch friction plates do not exist outside of the engines. Local dealer has none ( and never has had). Honda Australia has had them on back order for months and no arrival date. I ordered some from the US via ebay ( clearly indicated they were for a 2013 CB500X) and they were completely NOT for same. In fact a whole heap of vendors are claiming that the Vesrah VC1016 plates fit the 2013 Honda CB500X and they most certainly do not.
Ordered some from china ( the only place I could find anything that looked like the correct ones) and am a bit dubious as to how long they will last...IF they ever get here.
I have had less problem getting parts for my 2013 TR650 and that's saying something , considering it was only made for a year by a company that no longer exists in it's then form and no longer supports the model...

Finally got my bum into gear and did the rear suspension data points to do some modelling. Here some finds so far.
The stock plates weigh 437 gm and are 5mm steel. The interhole distances ( centre to centre) are Shock to Link: 80mm/ Shock to swingarm link pivot:88mm/ Swingarm link to lowered link: 73mm.
Stock travel is stated as 120mm so I used this figure as a base figure. Rear shock actual travel is notoriously inaccurate because of the bumpers.
The reversing of the stock linkage plates posted on this forum, I also didi and measured and modelled. With the plates reversed the actual drop is 26mm ( measured axle to frame above). Interesting , the travel also increases to 126mm. This means that the spring is also effectively softer by about 5%. So if you are lowering it because you are little , you may also be light. This could be an advantage.  The effective spring curve is slightly more linear.
I made an aluminium set of plates in 6.5mm in the stock holes dimensions. It weighed 233gm . That is a 204gm reduction in weight and it is unsprung weight so has a greater positive effect on the bike handling and suspension.
I then modelled and made a 8mm plate set. They weighed 257gm. and should be a fair bit structurally stiffer. These required slightly longer blts. The interhole distances ( centre to centre) are Shock to Link: 80mm/ Shock to swingarm link pivot:96mm/ Swingarm link to lowered link: 83mm.. This  made the rear axle 30mm closer to the frame above. It increased the travel to 130mm and accompanying decrease in effective spring rate of 8%. I have an Ohlins coming with a heavier spring so it should be better sprung anyway. Again the effective spring curve is slightly more linear than the stock setup.

Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Bundy Project (footplates)
« on: October 06, 2018, 08:01:21 AM »
Done a fair bit of bits and pieces but thought I would post a cheap easy small weight loss with a couple of small side benefits. Below are the footplates before and after. Because of the 3 pic limit I will have to do a post for left and right separate. Forget the carbon plates as the final,I will post the interim with the Al sideplates left and the rest removed. The first stage requires only a hacksaw or angle grinder with a cutting blade.
Remember the weight loss is in addition to simply removing the foorpeg rubber and associated hardware as well as the outside pin. That was 234g x 2= .468kg just in the removal of excess footpeg junk.
First the left and easiest side:

CB500X - General Chat / Wrong Clutch Plates
« on: October 01, 2018, 08:31:20 PM »
Ha d something happen to me I haven't had before. I ordered a set of clutch plates from a US shop for the 2013 Honda CB500x. The year and model was specifically included in the "Fits model" list.
The plates I received are completely wrong. That is Versah VC1016. Although it is listed on the ebay store site as fitting my model, the box does NOT list my bike when I received it. Not sure how it occurred but be wary as a search shows that Versah VC1016 is listed on many different sites as fitting the 2013,2014,2015 model CB500X and in some cases the R and F models. They definitely will not.
Anyone else had this problem. I did a site search on wrong clutch plates and got no hits.
The left ones are ours the right ones are Versah VC1016

Items Wanted / (Got one thanks)WTB CB500X seat.( Australia)
« on: September 24, 2018, 09:10:02 AM »
Can be in any condition, so long as the back half of the pan is good. Foam and cover condition irrevelant. Want it for a single seat reg conversion. Cheap please.
A torn crashed one would be fine ( with the previous proviso).


CB500X - General Chat / CB500X cam angles and air box removal
« on: September 21, 2018, 08:59:09 PM »
Does anyone know the inlet and exhaust cam angles? I want to do some calcs.
Also Does anyone know hox to get the airbox out without removing the rear sub frame ( if it is possible. Can't find anything with search here or externally). I have a manual coming but I want to do some stuff and it could take a while for the manual toi get here.

CB500X - General Chat / Has anyone tried a cbr500r or f seat on a cb500x
« on: September 13, 2018, 09:36:00 PM »
I have my CB500X now for my project. One thing I would like to know is if a CBR500R seat or a F model will fit on the X?
My project is primarily a weight loss one and I prefer smaller seats anyway.
Tried a search but only got refs saying how they liked the bigger seat.

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