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Items Wanted / Wanted: zumo 595
« on: March 22, 2020, 02:35:16 PM »
I would like to buy a zumo 595, preferably with two tire pressure monitor sensors.  Anybody getting rid of one after moving to the new XT?

I may consider a 395 or 396 at the right price...  :169:


I have for sale a Garmin Montana 680t. 

Garmin Montana 680t w/Camera and USB Cable

Rugged Mount w/Power/Audio Cable and Torx Driver

It is about a year old and I recently discovered it will not do one thing that is unimportant to most users but very important to me.  It will not edit Routes that were created in Basecamp (It edits routes created on itself just fine.)  I need this feature, so I am offering this one at a significantly reduced price so I can get a cheaper unit that does edit routes created in Basecamp.

Included are:
the Montana 680t, a USB cable, the Rugged Mount adapter, and the torx screwdriver that secures the unit in the mount (off-roaders really like this feature). This unit also has the 8 Megapixel camera.  I do not have the AC charger.

For more details about the features of this unit, see the links below:
Link to Montana 680t
Link to Rugged Mount and Power/Audio Cable

Current City Navigator maps for North America and US TOPO 100K maps are installed.  Unfortunately, lifetime maps (updates) are not transferable.
This GPS retails for $480 US for the GPS with Camera and US TOPO 100K
Plus $31 US for the Rugged Mount with Power/Audio Cable
Plus $73 US for the City Navigator Maps
I am offering this package for $400 US. 

I can accept PayPal for quick shipment. 
P.M. me about other methods and for shipping costs.

I am so frustrated and sick of Garmin!  I own a couple of expensive Garmin GPS units and the more I use them the more disgusted I have become with Garmin!

I won't go into all the irritations I have experienced with my Garmin GPSMAP276 my wife purchased for me in 2007 for $800 US (2007 dollars).  Suffice it to say they obsoleted this unit about sixty days after she purchased it, and my frustrations grew from there...

Presently, I acquired a Garmin Montana 680t (not my first choice in moto gps) from my son when he bought a BMW R1200RT with a BMW/Garmin built into the dashboard.  I used the Montana on a 2600 mile six day trip in October.  I planned the entire trip in Basecamp, a colossally laborious learning experience!  :157:  (Even after using Garmin's MapSource for over a decade)

The first few days of the trip went quite well; we stayed pretty much on schedule and only deviated slightly from the planned trip.  We began each day on the schedule and all went fairly well.  However, on the third day, we needed to alter the trip quite a bit.  My son was able to take the routes I prepared using Basecamp and skip several waypoints and he was back on the scheduled route with little effort. 

The Montana experience was quite different!  I found no way to modify the routes for the next several days such that the planned routes were of any use.  So, my Montana became a very expensive tracker for the last three days of the trip.  I assumed the problem lie with my inexperience with the Montana and vowed to become proficient with it before our Tour of Honor rides commence in April of 2020.

I have just spent three days learning to use Basecamp and learning to navigate the Montana and I ran into the same roadblock as I did in October.  If a route is either created or modified in any way in Basecamp, you can no longer modify that route on the Montana!!! You can only edit a route if it was created on the Montana!!   :233:

This means any planning you want to do before the ride must be performed on the tiny little screen of the handheld and not on your powerful computer with a screen large enough you can see the map!  You must add every waypoint one at a time from the tiny map or from an extensive list that is difficult to navigate.  Also, there is no route optimization function on the Montana; you must do that yourself while endlessly zooming in and out on that tiny screen!!  Basecamp is only useful for transferring data to your device.  Most of the program is frilly crap that no one uses - making Adventures, Trip Planning!  :233:

Thirteen years of fighting with expensive Garmin devices and Garmin's stupid planning software has me thinking I am much better off with Google Maps and Spotwalla!!  What do y'all think!!  (And, they are both free!  So long, Garmin!!)   :080:

Sorry for ranting guys, but I'm so tired of spending large sums of money on products that are so poorly designed and executed...  :431:

I rode yesterday with about a dozen guys on all sorts of bikes.  We rode to meet with others from Texas at a small town for lunch.  Slightly more than fifty bikes showed up for lunch.  Among them was a new '19 X.  The owner saw me arrive and came over to quiz me about my headlight.  He was complaining that the LED on his '19 rendered the bike almost unsafe at night.  He said the headlight illuminated the the near field quite well, but not at all out further.  He has added Denali lights and some cheap Chinese lights to fill in. 

Y'all with '19's, are you experiencing this?  Maybe his is not adjusted correctly?  I've not read about anybody having this problem, but, since I have a '14, I don't read some of the threads on '19's...

I encouraged him to join the forum, I told him there is a wealth of information and knowledge here.  So look for a new guy from Cleburne, TX.

CB500X - General Chat / Annual or total production of CB500X?
« on: February 08, 2020, 05:02:58 AM »
Does anybody have any idea how many CB500X's there are in the world?  Western Europe? North America? Asia?  Jenny Mo, does RR have some idea.

I have been looking for these numbers and can't even find an estimate.  I did, however, see that article on the 400 millionth Honda motorcycle being manufactured since 1947. Wow!  That's a whole lot more than I would have guessed!!

Ride Reports, Trips, and Touring / Riding the Ozarks
« on: November 08, 2018, 04:54:33 PM »
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!  :152:
Awesome scenery, awesome twisties, awesome bike!!

A few weeks ago I posted that my son bought me a lightly used '14 'X to ride after going bikeless for 45 years.  We made a couple of short local rides right away; exhilarating and saw some of Texas I've not seen before, but somewhat mundane.  A couple of weeks ago, I posted that we were going to northwest Arkansas to ride the Ozarks and I promised to post some pics.

A little background, my parents were raised in NW Arkansas and live there again.  So, I have experienced the Ozarks much of my life.  Many times, I have watched bikers ride by on Hwy 7 and envied them this experience.  And, there are many, many awesome roads through the Ozarks; I have driven some of them on four wheels and longed to ride them on two. 

Friday was my son's birthday, so he took off work so we could go riding.  We rode Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The previous Thursday had brought a lot of rain, so the roads were clean for fast riding, though they were still drying so we had to be a bit careful in places, especially where the sun doesn't shine much.  Each day we plotted a trek of about 150 miles with alternate shortcuts, in case I got too tired, or we ran out of daylight (FYI, I'm 65 years old and back on a bike after 45 years off).  We calculated that these trips, with plenty of stops for "points of interest", would require most of the day, and the first two days we didn't get home until well after dark.  (Riding the Twisties after dark is very nerve wracking!  especially with oncoming traffic and a fogged up visor! got to fix that)

These pics show the typical scenery.  Arkansas is beautiful in any season, but especially in the fall!  We were about a week early for the most colorful fall display, but the turn was well underway.

A view from on top of the Ozarks from a scenic overlook, near my Grandparents home.

Another view from a spot on the way up the mountain.

Haw Creek Falls.  One of many points of interest we stopped to see.

My Grandparents' Home, on top of the mountain!

Our Trusty Steeds!

But, the main reason for the trip; The Twisties!!

Oh, the Twisties!

Incredible Twisties!!

Once on Friday's ride, and again once on Saturday's ride, I failed to negotiate a curve!!  Both times, I went into a curve too hot and couldn't get the bike to lean over enough to make the turn.  The first time, it felt like I was leaning against a wall; I could not get the bike to lean any more!  As I went through the curve, I drifted out to the edge of the road and just before going off the road, I stood my bike up and applied both brakes.  I went off the road a few feet but slowed enough to turn hard, through the gravel and grass, back onto the road.  The shoulder was not very sloped and there was enough space to make the maneuver; Very Lucky!!  :005:

After calming my racing heart, and cleaning my pants, we stopped to analyze my error.  My son pointed to his head and said the "wall" was all in my head!  Of course, I knew he was right, but that wall felt so real!  I was not even close to leaning on my peg and the tires were holding tight.  I just got spooked!

On Saturday, I made a similar mistake.  This time, however, the shoulder was quite steep and fell off into disaster!  Fortunately, again, there was just enough room to maneuver back up onto the road!!  My son didn't see this mistake, but it was discovered when we stopped a couple of miles later and there was grass hanging from both of my pegs.  :034: I rode a little puckered the rest of the day, using the back brake a lot.

On Sunday, my son suggested I take the lead so I could "ride my own ride".  He noticed right away I was using the brakes way too much when entering the curves and suggested I not use the brakes at all; he urged me to use only the engine to brake into the curves.  I told him that would slow us down too much, but he insisted. 

I took his advice and at first was riding quite slowly; entering the curves too slowly, leaning over too much, and accelerating hard out to keep from falling over.  However, as the day progressed, I got to reading the curves better and got more and more aggressive and faster.  I rode most of the day in fourth or third gear (have I mentioned the awesome bike? with awesome torque and plenty of power? Wow! The dream bike of my youth!) 

Near the end of the day, I entered a curve marked 25 mph at about 45.  My son was behind me, watching, and thought, as did I, I am about to lose it; big time!  But, I leaned over hard, rolled a little out of the throttle on entry, and then back on the gas as I passed the apex. We were both surprised and impressed when I shot out the other side under power!!

We saw a lot of awesome scenery, many places and points of interest we had never seen before, and rode some of the best two-wheeler roads in the country!  On Sunday, my wife and my parents followed in their van; my parents are 85 and 90 and enjoyed the day out. Great weather and "a good time was had by all".

We're back in Texas now.  Roads near home are mostly boring after 500 miles, and three days, in the Ozarks.  I'm still riding a little puckered, but I am determined to put lots of miles under my but.  I'm confident I will get more relaxed with experience.  We intend to make many more rides throughout the country.  My son is urging me to put 7K miles on my bike before next June, when he wants to go to Prudhoe Bay and ride Alaska.  Whoa, that's ambition!  Can't wait!  :046:

Items Wanted / WTB- Front Brake Lever, OEM, Never Mind! Got it fixed!!
« on: November 05, 2018, 03:02:07 AM »
Stopped on a hill; in the wrong gear; killed it and dropped it...  :138:  Now I need a front brake lever (OEM); I bent mine and I bet it will break if I try to straighten it :006:

A 2x4 and a cheater pipe and its all fixed!  The levers aren't as brittle as they used to be (45 yrs ago!)

Items Wanted / WTB- Center Stand '14 -- No Longer Need!
« on: November 03, 2018, 02:56:51 AM »
Want to buy an OEM center stand for a '14 model CB500X.  In the US. :440:
PM me...

Finally bought a new one....

New Member Introductions / Howdy from Henderson, TX
« on: October 05, 2018, 04:26:16 AM »
Sold my 305 Scrambler 45 years ago.  Passed the MC test last Sunday; Will have a 2014 CB500X next Wednesday :046: Can't Wait; Better than Christmas :152:

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