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Here is a video my buddies (Brian Crumpacker, Brian Dion) put together of our trip to Klamath Falls via about 11 national parks. It is the second annual trip we've done, minus my bro (Tim, my clone and fellow Halfrica Twin Pilot) this year (the vid was made mostly for him).

Warning, it's a 2 hour saga with lots of info just for us for posterity/location info, but feel free to skip around to the ride sequences which my buddy Brian C masterfully edited and set to some really kickass soundtrack.

I'll let the video do the talking. Enjoy!


Rally Raid / Scott's Damper mount- Have pin, will travel?
« on: May 10, 2019, 08:28:43 PM »

   Hey folks- did a bit of searching, and I know my RR bike (2013 with level 2 kit) previously had the Scott's damper mounted, as I have the riser and Fat bars, and the pin is still mounted. The PO apparently took the damper to his new bike. I know there is a replacement kit offered by Rally Raid, which has the stepped arm, but does it include the spacers necessary to mount the damper? If not, I guess I could just order the mount kit/damper combo and have a spare pin...

 Thanks in advance.

Greetings, I have followed Master Pink Yoda to this forum from the ADV forum, after watching Mr. brown's videos on Youtube (he lives close to me here in Auburn, just up the road.Ok, so that was an arduous journey to tell you that this little capable ADV bike wasn't even on my radar until my brother bought one after a Mendocino motorcycle camping trip some buddies and I went on (he was bike less at the time). Anyhow, as I get older and wish to continue riding off road (that Trumpy is HEAVY) it seems lighter is better. And because I live in the Sierra and spend a lot of time on pavement getting to those prime tracks, a dirt bike is out. So I have landed on the Rally Raid bike which I found and rode back from Arizona, and am in the process of shaking it down and making it mine. So here she is as I bought her...

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