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Here is what I have done to the poor thing to get it ready for Euro trip

GPS fitted
12v unswitched socket under the seat ( to feed a light in the tent etc )
12v + 2xUSB switched sockets on the handlebars
Ally accessory bar made to go on the windshield brackets and a GoPro mount welded to it
GoPro ( with external voltage feed so no battery worries )
Hand guards ( meant for 2016 but got them to fit the '19 no problem )
Vista Cruise throttle lock ( though this will be changed for on of my stainless throttle locks when I get home )
Givi screen ( 19 cm taller than stock ) Again for 2015 model but with minor tweek fitted ok )
Front sprocket changed to 16t
Rear sprocket to 39t. This has resulted in the speedo being within 1.5 mph ..  at 80mph
Scottoiler fitted ( old original type, bought 2nd hand for 20 )
Givi case locks changed so one key fits all ( demerit mark for Wheels of Peterborough for not doing it before bike was collected  )
Centre stand.. will be fitting it tomorrow when the paint dries  :002:
I took an old Blackbird stand, reduced the width by about 2" and the height the same. Cut the HUGE side lever ( the bit you put your foot on to assist getting the bike on the stand ) much shorter and reattached the foot pad to it. Shortened the spring and put new bend in it

I think that about it so far

As per the title really..
If I can get hold of one to get the basics from I will see about having some made and passing them on to members at cost price ( proly less than 40 )
Obviously happy to pat for one but not a lot given what I hope to do with it  :002:

Sorry, another noob question, but after days of searching I have come to the conclusion they do not exist..
So it is time to ask you guys who have been there and done that

Is there such a thing as a manual for a 2019 ?

CB500X - General Chat / Evap canister
« on: July 22, 2019, 01:20:26 PM »
Just found I have what appears to be an evap canister on the bike.. its a 2019
I know they are fitted to Californian bikes but............
Are the fitted to all destination models nowadays, or is mine a strangled yank one ?

New Member Introductions / New member in Norfolk UK
« on: July 16, 2019, 10:34:16 PM »
Hi all, just bought 2018 "X"
For as many years as I want to remember I have had big bikes or sports bikes// Couple of years ago I had a rain fart which left my right side weak, but after reoccupation I carried on riding, still with big bikes..Several Blackbirds, a few BM 1200GS's, even had a Wing ( sorry ! ( for a wee while..
But things aint got any easier .. I am OK riding them. It is when I stop the trouble starts  LOL !!
So I decided that it was about time I faced up to the fact I needed something I would not drop when moving it about
Being a tit, I bought a Piaggio MP3 500 Sport.. Nice bike, fun to ride, but 4 weeks of it was enough.......
Taking on board what a member of this 'ere forum said to me, I went and checked out an X for my self ..
I was so impressed I bought one there and then   :152:
Had full luggage fitted so I had to sit on my hands for a week while Wheels of Peterborough ordered and fitted the kit
Collected it today and rode it home the 60 miles...
Immediately felt at home... And my goodness don't they track well !!! Pick a line, tip it in, and it will hold the line perfectly
Already seen off the chicken strips on the back tyre ( I think the previous owner thought he was riding a tram or something )
Enough urge to keep me happy and fantastic fuel economy so far

Tomorrow I will fit my GPS, a throttle lock, 12v socket under the seat, and run the wires ready for the USB/12V socket for the handlebars, and slap a Scottoiler on
3 weeks time I will be off to Lake Garda on it.  10 days of camping with a few hundred German and Italian bikers  :002:

I fully expect it to really love the bike.. It has given be back an awful lot of confidence in just the short time I rode it..
Don't know what forum name he uses on here, but Brian, gotta thank you for showing me the way back to proper biking.. and thank Honda for making such a great all round mile muncher !

John ( Jaws )

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