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Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Short top case rack for X 2019
« on: December 11, 2019, 09:53:32 PM »
Hello CBX friends,
I need your team-knowledge. I would like to occasionally mount a top case to be able to take some luggage from time to time. I've already found enough aluminum topcases, now I'm still looking for a suitable holder / carrier for it. But I am looking for a solution in which the standard handles for the Sozia can remain. For most solutions (Givi, Hepcco & Becker, etc.) the side handles are removed and replaced by a larger construction. I do not want that.
I am looking for a carrier that is quick and easy to assemble and that allows the grips to remain in place. I have found this provider from the States:
Has someone already mounted this carrier or knows the provider? Can I get the carrier also in Europe / Germany? Does anyone have an idea or alternatives?
Thanks for your help.

Hello CB500X friends,

As already written in my introduction, I have been the proud owner of a black 2019er for several weeks. Although I already like the machine as a standard, I would like to change some things and adapt the CBX to my requirements.

Part 1:
First, I darked the standard windshield from the inside.

After dismantle the windshield, it must be cleaned. Then I sanded the inside with a fine fleece and water. Thereafter, the shield must be carefully cleaned again and taped with tape and newspaper or foil. In order to make the substrate paintable, I first used Plastic Primer and then applied the translucent Dupli-Color varnish in several thin layers in the cloister. This must be done very carefully, otherwise there will get clouds in the paint. Before the paint has dried through, I carefully removed the tape on the edge and then after drying the next day the paint finish still sealed with clear paint. After curing, remove the remaining tape and newspaper and carefully reassemble the glass.

I think the result is impressive. For my taste, the dark disc fits better with the motorcycle.
To be continue...

New Member Introductions / Hello from CBX Germany
« on: September 04, 2019, 09:13:36 PM »
Hello CBX driver,
I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Michael and I live in good old Germany. For several weeks now I am the proud owner of a new CB500X built in 2019. Here in Germany and also throughout Europe, the new, revised CBX has been sold very well, within a few weeks the whole production was sold out. Only with luck and relationships I managed to get another 2019 in Gunpowder Black Metallic.
Before, I drove a Honda VFR for 26 years, before that a CBR 600 and Honda Dominator. The CBX is very easy and handy, but the over 100 hp VFR sometimes missing. Since every overtaking wants to be well considered.  :191:
At the moment I am collecting all the information about the bike, because I want to modify it to my needs and my taste. This is not so easy here in Germany, because here all parts need a special permission and you can not do everything you want to do.
If you are interested, I will gladly show and comment on my conversions here.
In Germany, it is custom that greet motorcyclists on the way, so I raise my left hand now to greet ...
And please excuse my old bad school English ...


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