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Not that a CBX is a high value target, but some thieves are not particularly picky. I'd like to mitigate that risk as much as I reasonably could without the use of heavy, bulky chain type devices. What methods/devices do you use?

CB500X - General Chat / Sometimes I just get lucky.
« on: January 22, 2020, 04:17:54 PM »
In March of last year I went shopping for a motorcycle. I did my homework on the interwebs and had kinda decided on the CB500f. I took a good friend of mine to a dealership with me. I checked out the "F" and liked it, well at least sitting on it. My friend says "over here, budósit on this one. Way more comfortable. But those tire track graphics were kill'in me. It was a NOS '17 model in candy red (one of my all-time favorite colors). I ended up buying it. The price was right.

Spent the Summer learning to ride it (I'm a 62 year-old neophyte). The learning curve isn't too bad as I did ride dirt bikes, but you never encounter traffic in the woods. Just trees and I met a lot of them.

All that is to say that I really like this bugger. Given a little more time and I'd like to go wander around the country a while and I think this is just the bike to do it with. Not too big, not too small and is very happy on a back road, dirt road, and the like. I'm not over keen on crowded highways and so I avoid them when I can. Also, the bike doesn't feel as "planted" at speed, but I'm thinking it may have to have it's wheels balanced. Is that a thing with cast wheels? My friend suggests that it may be engine vibration, but I really don't know. It may very well be me and my lack of experience. Still a bit of a chicken sēēēt on twisty's and high speed curves. I'll get over it.

Bottom line: I'm having a lot of fun on it and I feel like I got lucky with it's purchase. Lucky in that it's pleasure to ride and that it was relatively inexpensive to get started out on.That and every month or so I'll get some new trinket to put on, which is kinda fun in itself to do some wrench'in on it and become familiar with it's workings.

Oh yeah, and lucky to discover this forum. A wealth of knowledge, know-how and nice photos. As I go along, I'll try and contribute more or at least let ya know how I'm getting along. Thanks everyone!

Hi folks, Iíve run into a problem with Givi signal light extenders. How do you get the wires to the rear signal lights to come out to be long enough for the extensions? Iíve pretty near taken apart as much as I want to without disassembling the entire tail section. I canít make them budge.  Heck, thereís so much assembly back there, Iím going to be challenged to get it all back together. Can anyone shed some light?

New Member Introductions / Hi and thanks for having me.
« on: October 01, 2019, 08:13:44 PM »
Again, hello. I'm from the Eastern Shore of Maryland in the U.S. I've ridden bikes off and on (mostly off) since I was about ten or so. A good friend whose bikes I've borrowed for trail riding over the years had been talking to me, wanting me to get a road or adv type bike. Well, I finally jumped and got a NOS 2017 x. Very good deal, I think. Like it bunches. Just trying to make it my own at this point. This forum is a great source of information! Thanks.

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