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Guys I hope someone's gonna help me on this problem I've had for the last week on my new CB500X 2019.

I bought this awesome motorcycle just a week ago, and in these 250 kms me and my bike made together I noticed there is some kind of sharp scratching noise at around 4500 rpms, on any gear, be the engine hot or not. Strange plus it comes from the front end of the bike, making me think it comes from the givi bars I made the dealer mount on it.

I'm quite worried, and before going to the dealer again I'd like to know the opinion of someone who seriously rides this bike.
A massive thank you to anyone who will decide to help me out. Cheers!

New Member Introductions / Fresher from Sicily, Italy
« on: December 10, 2019, 10:15:27 PM »
Hello guys how you doing! I just bought my beautiful CB 500 X 2019 my and I thought of subscribing to this forum because its audience is the biggest in this bike's world, so helpm can come sooner and better. Thanks a lot for letting me joining in!

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