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Maintenance and Servicing / Gas in Oil
« on: May 04, 2020, 03:30:02 AM »
Today I was on a calm ride on my 2017 500x RR3 with 1300 miles on it when the engine stopped.
I pulled over and restarted it and the check engine light was on so I stopped it immediately.
Upon checking the oil level it was much higher than max, liquidy, and there seemed to be foam on top.
When I smelled into the crank case it smelled of gas.
So I called for a tow and will be calling the dealer on Tuesday when they open.
I've asked some folks who know more about mechanics than I and seems like an injector could have gotten stuck open.
Now the engine will start and idle very smoothly, which made it easy to load it onto the trailer, but obviously I'm not going to run it with the oil in that condition and I don't want to change it without speaking to the dealer in case they need it to investigate.
Does anybody have any differing ideas about what may have happened?
If this were to happen far from a tow or dealer, is the best choice to hitch to town to buy oil and do a roadside change?
I'd appreciate any ideas.
I am planning a several thousand mile trip within the next month so glad this happened now, but more experienced insights will be helpful.

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