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CB500X - General Chat / First Ride on the X
« on: July 21, 2013, 12:35:18 AM »
Picked up my 500X today from the dealership. I had them install a 12V power adapter and the rear tire hugger. No other parts available around here yet. Not even a center stand!

Ok, first thoughts...... I am glad that I completed the Basic MSF course last weekend. That greatly added to getting more prepared for the X.  :305:

My initial reaction to the bike is very favorable. Around town and in the city, this baby rules!! Not too big and not too small to get around.  However, that changes when you get on the freeway. The X has no problem accelerating to cruising speed with traffic. It is only when you get above 65Mph that the engine has no where to go!  Between 70-80Mph the bike moves, but it begins to lose stability. Faster traffic and wind buffeting shakes the X around quite a bit.
I am not looking to compete with faster bikes and I have no ego to bruise in that area, but I think I will limit my rides to the back roads and city driving where the X is at home.
The beautiful winding country roads here in Virginia allows the X to feel that it owns the road. I will not argue with it at all.

The ABS brakes are just awesome! I think once you have a bike with ABS you will not want another one without them. They do not lead you into any false sense of security, but they do stop quickly without locking up the wheels. Around here, traffic lights change quickly from yellow to red. So, if you are hitting an intersection at 45Mph, you have plenty of breaking power with the ABS.


The seat is horrible!  My ass is so sore. Either the seat will break in or my ass will become hard as a rock.

The mirrors are too small in size. I am going to have to get some mirror extenders to widen my view. I have broad shoulders and the mirrors are just too narrow.

When parts are available I am going to get the taller windshield. I got tossed around a bit on the freeway and my head was acting like a pinball from the wind. The windshield is mounted at its highest point.


Outstanding first bike to begin riding on again. In my case it has been 20 yrs. since I last rode a bike. Today, it felt like I never lost a step.

Peppy engine and full of spunk. The 500cc engine has a place in the market and with the Honda brand, it will sell like crazy!

ABS brakes.....nuff said


I put about 100 miles on it today and I will put more on tomorrow.  I will post some pics at at that time.

I am so glad I got the X. It is a joy to ride and I look forward many more miles. 

New Member Introductions / Greetings from Virginia
« on: July 05, 2013, 09:01:14 PM »

Just wanted to stop by and say hello.

I have spent the past two months browsing the Internet and visiting bike shops for that one new bike that will get me on the road again.

I sadly admit that I have not had a bike for the past 20 years. The bug hit me a few months ago and I am glad that I made the decision to return.

I sat and tested the Kawasaki's, Susuki's, and some Honda bikes and I finally made my decision.  Today I tested the CB500X and I am in love!  Perfect fit and size for me to get back into riding.  I will use this bike to get my experience level back up to par and maybe in a couple of years I will migrate to something bigger.

The shop did not have any CB500X with ABS, so I placed an order for one today. They will not be in until the middle of August. The only 500X on the floor was the non-ABS version.

The second and third choices were close, but you know when you sit on the bike and it fits like a glove, there is no more looking. The second choice was a Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS and the third choice was a Susuki Vstrom 650 ABS.

At any rate I found this site and I wanted to get more info on how others enjoy their new toy and get some tips on upgrades and accessories along the way.

Cheers!  :008:

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