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Bikes for Sale / 2019 Honda CB500X - Optional extras, Weybridge Surrey
« on: October 14, 2020, 04:52:29 PM »
Welcome to the sale of my 2019 Honda CB500X

Important info:

Mileage: 5425 miles (Next service due at 8000 miles)
Honda Warranty until March 2021
Two Keys
Honda cigarette charger fitted
Front mudguard extender
Rear hugger
Givi Engine Bars
Hand Guard protectors
Centre Stand
LCD Screen protector
2019 model benefiting from numerous improvements over earlier revisions

Also included in the sale but not fitted, Givi high level touring screen and touring aftermarket lights for the new owner to fit should they desire.

The bike has routinely been covered with ACF50 to protect all fixtures and fittings as well as receiving regular chain cleaning and maintenance.

Iíve just finished a trip around Europe with this bike and am only selling it as my Honda CB550 project is nearing completion and I donít need two bikes right now. Highly desirable and cheap bike to run with lots of functional extras.

Price: £4,500

Any queries or enquires then please give me a call on:

##redacted as per Marketplace Rules - pm member for contact details##

The bike is currently situated in Weybridge Surrey.

Hi All,

New here and considering purchasing a Honda CB500X to tour around Europe, having test ridden a 2016 model this afternoon the the bike itself seems to tick all of the boxes (albeit not the one I rode due to the high mileage and the fact that it had been dropped). I'll just be looking to get a slightly taller screen as even at 6ft I still noticed a fair bit of wind buffeting which disappeared when ducking down a bit.

I looking for some advice as I have two very different purchase options potentially available to me: 

2019 Model - 670 miles - Dealer Owned Bike - 14 months dealer warranty remaining - £5,000

2017 Model - Approx 3000 miles - Private Sale - Obviously beyond warranty - £3,700

I'm planning to use the bike to tour Europe and possibly use it over winter before selling it on next year. What I'd like to know is are the revisions to the 2019 such as the 19inch front rim, front suspension, exhaust, fuelling tweaks, display, clutch, raised ride-height and LED lights a big step up over the 2017 model and worth the extra money?

Or am I better offer saving the cash and buying the used 2017 model as it does everything it needs to and will likely retain a better resale value. I'll likely be adding 4-5000 miles to the bike during my ownership before moving it onto the next custodian.

I'm fairly new to the idea of buying and selling bikes so don't wish to spend the extra cash on the 2019 just to find I've lost a load of money for no real gain. Equally I'm happy to spend the bit extra if the new revisions make for a better riding experience and the bike will likely hold its value fairly well so I won't be making a huge loss...

Any input and advice would be gratefully received!  :002:

Cheers, Mark

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