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Ride Reports, Trips, and Touring / Dirt road runnin
« on: November 20, 2020, 12:57:05 AM »
I took the bike out today to run over to my parents place. I decided to leave plenty early so I could go by a local diner for lunch, country fried steak, and to go run some dirt roads. This was the maiden voyage of the CB on dirt and I can not complain. The Shinko's seem to work pretty well but don't like the sand all that much. I had some front wheel wash out on tight corners but most of that was probably me. I don't have much experience riding in sand on a adventure bike. To me things feel much different than on a dirt bike so I try not to compare the two very much. Well my visit ran a bit late and I got to ride home in the dark. The LED's all worked much better than I feared and I couldn't be happier.

Getting a new bike that has been modified by someone else is always an adventure but so far everything is coming out aces.

CB500X - General Chat / I'm too lucky
« on: November 18, 2020, 06:05:40 PM »
I have been shopping for a CB500X for some time now. I've tried here the ADV forum, Facebook, Motohunt but nothing was working out. I thought I had a deal worked out with a dealer in Arkansas but ultimately the fees and hidden costs put it out of my budget. Then, as if it was sent from heaven itself, I saw a brand new facebook ad for a 14 rally raid bike in my state. I contacted the seller and was over there the next day. I'm so happy to finally have the exact bike I've been wanting for so long. I can't contain myself and hence this post. I look forward to shooting the breeze with all yall as I grow with this bike. Thank you for all the advice and information that I have been able to soak up through this shopping process.

CB500X - General Chat / Sat on the "new" model today
« on: October 15, 2020, 11:34:41 PM »
So I went by a semi-local dealership today. I checked their inventory and they have a 2020 CB500x in stock and I have been dying to sit on and test ride the newer model. I have sat on a 2018 before but not the 19" version. Well, they wouldn't let me test ride it which wasn't that big of a surprise. Dealerships around here tend to be a bit funny about test riding new bikes. I did get to crawl all over it like a orangutan and I have to say there is a huge difference. The stance feels much better to me and I feel more in to the bike rather than atop it. I can't quite flatfoot it but that was without fuel and luggage so I'll be flat footing it almost all the time. I'm 5' 9" and have a 31" ish inseam. The seta felt alright but until it's broken in I can't tell much. I'm about half way to my savings goal and am super excited for next year's riding season.

New Member Introductions / Hey Hey Hey
« on: September 24, 2020, 12:36:45 AM »
Hello everybody! I'm a perspective CB500X owner. I'm currently on a shadow and am really looking to move into the sport touring/ adventure world. I've been doing a fair bit of research and am actively looking for the right deal. I'm hoping to document my adventures with the bike once I get it and spread the good news of the Honda CB500x. I've yet to ride one but have sat on a 2018 and it was plenty comfortable in that position. It appears that they are pretty scarce in this particular part of the country but a trip into Florida will help with that.
I look forward to getting know more of you.

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