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*Originally Posted by motorboy [+]
Just asking but you did try raising it up
When I got this bike I said if the shield does not work I'm not going to spend big bucks on many shields hopeing something works I'm going to try one of those $20 Ebay Amazon clamp on extension didn't need to but you might want to look into one

*Originally Posted by Topo [+]
Mine is a 2019. Yeah, the stock shield works pretty well, to just below my forehead. That causes quite a bit of buffeting and noise for me. It's so close, but not quite there. I think I will try this mod and see what happens.
Just asking but you did try raising it up

You didn't say what year bike you have because over the span of the bike Honda has used three different shields and it can be tough to find a shield combo that works--I was shocked to find the shield on my 2019 works great as is-I'm convinced the vent holes have alot to do with it

*Originally Posted by gregjet [+]
THE most common missed or insufficient engaged gear problem is footpeg/boot top/shift lever relationship. Have you changed boots recently?
If the lever is lifted slightly at rest, it can not fall onto the bext shift pin/pawl.
I bought a set of boots that were so thick sole to top that I couldn't shift my tr650 AT ALL, without taking my foot off the peg.
The other thing is any of the levers from shifter to actuation lever at the gearbox are not as close to 90deg as possible.
My 2013 has done 35000km and there is no problem with the changes ( the clutch was another matter).  Still worn components not impossible, and I have read on this forum about early model problems with the shift drum.
Another out of left field is incompatible oil. I had a Cagiva 650 Raptor the refused to change gear properly on Motul. Changed oil to SAME rated other brand oil and problem went away. I had been using Motul before that on other bikes no problem.Some bikes are just fussy.
It wasn't the shift drum it self on 2013-2015 bikes but a part called the center shift drum it bolted to the shift drum- it was redone for more positive up and down shifts on the 2016 bikes

CB500X - General Chat / Re: Engine Vibration
« on: September 13, 2019, 03:48:43 AM »
*Originally Posted by rick01 [+]
Hi all are any other owners experiencing a vibration in the rev range between 4950 RPM and 5250 RPM I'm thinking that this is a harmonic developed in the engine it occurs at around 100kms to about 107 Kms I find this very annoying any help would be appreciated.

You can file that under they all do it 2013-2018--2019 do not

CB500X - General Chat / Re: Centre Stand
« on: September 13, 2019, 03:45:10 AM »
*Originally Posted by ctracy1432 [+]
Where did you buy a center stand for a 2019 CB 500X?
I have a 2019 and Honda Dealer told me that they have not released a ctr. stand for the 2019.
The 2018 stand looks as if it would fit the 2019, but they will not guarantee it.
Thanks for letting me know,  would like to buy one.
I'm in the USA the stand is available I have one on my bike
the 2018 stand will not fit the 2019
the clearance under the rear wheel is about 20 mm

CB500X - General Chat / Re: Higher speed touring suggestions
« on: September 12, 2019, 03:14:35 AM »
*Originally Posted by terryfred [+]
Thank you all for the helpful thoughts.  I think the first thing I will do is get a new windshield.  A second question.  Redline on the CB seems to be about 8500 rpm.  Do you have any concerns about running at 7000-7500 for extended periods.  I am aware this is not a long distance touring bike, but on a recent trip to Sante Fe NM from WA state a couple of months ago on my previous bike, many long streches in Utah/Idaho with the speed limit 80 mph and no other way than the interstate. 

It will do that just fine engine wise-comfort not so sure -only thing I would check would be the oil daily

Try this first- shift to second and hold up on the shifter with your toe if it pops out
of gear you have a bent shift fork or worn gear dogs-if it does not the problem is the shift mechanism all of the shift mech  can be fixed without removing the engine from the frame-it can be something as simple as a loose bolt on the shift shaft on the engine(which the early bikes had a problem with)

The old saying when in Rome-this adventure sounds like a good place for a RE 410 Himalayan

CB500X - General Chat / Re: Higher speed touring suggestions
« on: September 11, 2019, 04:55:39 PM »
*Originally Posted by harryhendo [+]
Terry... I just returned from a long trip, California to Virginia, and I only took secondary roads, except for a brief stint in Iowa along an interstate. I've installed a California Scientific windshield on my 2016 X and it is much, much better at reducing buffeting at high speeds (65MPH+). However, I would not take the X on a long exclusively *interstate* ride, because:
1) it is a light bike
2) a light bike is more prone to buffeting by trucks, which disturb the air through which you are moving (there is a huge difference being on a highway with no trucks and with trucks... smooth vs. shaky riding)
3) a light bike is also more prone to the prevalent winds, and winds are more prevalent on Interstates which are wide open and lack much protection along their sides from cross winds
This is why I saw maybe two non Harley or Gold Wing motorcycles once I got past California. Seriously. If you are running through Nebraska on an interstate highway at 70mph, with semis churning up the wind in front of you, and a cross wind of 20 mph, you want to have an 800 pound bike under you. I never understood that riding in VA, but do now.

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