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Ps: I plan to send the oil in to be inspected to get an idea whatís going on inside my engine....

Hi Jonathan thanks so much for your detailed relply!

I have not rectified anything yet, although I did look at the coolant level and it is still topped up with no contamination.

Also, now that the oil has settled for a few days I tip the oil container to have a look and I can see lots of silver metal flakes, so thatís my main concern.

Yes I replaced the clutch plates (with stronger springs), because I inadvertently used the wrong engine oil (car oil) and it was slipping (my bad luck continues).

It was shifting fine before and after I replaced the plates.

The bike is in pretty much new condition with 1000 miles and Iíve put a bunch of farkles on it for touring.

I think your idea of getting a used engine is a good one, but given I live in a northern Canadian town I donít have access to much for motors, but Iíll try looking....

I put the bike in 6th gear and I was able to roll it backwards and forwards (with some effort, I could hear the motor turning over).

I then checked the side stand switch and on off switch wires and they seemed fine.

I then warmed up the bike and dropped the oil.
I felt the starter and it did not feel any hotter than the engine block.

I have only run the bike 13km since the oil change when we did the clutch.

The oil was a dark grey molly colour and when I shone my light into it I could see metallic sparkles like a metallic paint.

The magnetic oil plug had fine black residue on the magnet part and a couple of very small pieces of metal on the tip.

I then pulled the filter and I could not find any debris/particles.

In my newby opinion something is definitely wrong inside the motor based on the colour and small metal particles in the oil 😡

Whatís my next step..?

I tried posting photos but each one came up with a red triangle with an exclamation mark over it after it tried uploading it to the gallery.

Opaque fuel tank.....

 Thanks so much for the advice!

Iím still trying to figure out why the rear wheel would lock up though...?


Thank you for you help.

I had an older lithium on the shelf that is holding a charge well, so I installed it.

I charged both batteries and am monitoring the voltages.

Lead acid at 8am is 12.8v, at 10pm its 12.5v

Lithiu at 8am is 13.2v, at 10pm its 13.1v.

I also checked out the alternator by checking for amperage draw using a meter and disconnecting the positive battery cable but I could not find any.

I'll take it for another test ride with the lithium battery.

I also thought that air may be getting pulled in under the fuel pump gasket when the pump is under load (ie: the bubbles).  I also thought of putting the stock tank back on to see if there are any bubbles.

Take care.


The opaque IMS type plastic tank.

Thanks all for the additional diagnostic help.

Hereís some more background info that may help.

I bought the bike in November 2017 with 1000 miles, it sat all winter with no use in an attached gurage.

Spring of 2018 I replaced the battery and the fuel tank with a larger clear one.  Unfortunately the fuel pump fell off the bike onto the cement garage floor as I was changing out the tank (I have a black cloud over me when it comes to mechanical things), it looked okay.

I put the original fuel pump in the new tank and started the bike, when I looked inside the tank I Saw bubbles coming out of the fuel pump body, under the gas in the top left corner.

I got frustrated and left the bike after doing some internet research(we donít have a good bike mechanic in town).  I did not want to run the bike for fear of running it too lean.

So this winter I bought a used fuel pump off an eBay bike dealer.

I noticed the battery was flat in the spring (despite getting 1 house of trickle charge every day), so I put it on the charger overnight but it was only 3/4 by morning which seemed strange.

I installed the used fuel pump and noticed it also created bubbles but they seemed to be a bit smaller so I thought this was the norm.

So then I test rode it last night and encountered the engine stopping  problems.

Both times I was running the bike in acceleration mode.

I was able to run it up to 60 miles per hour for a few minutes without it stopping.

When it stopped it was sudden (like flicking a switch, it did not sputter or buck like running out of fuel), so Iím thinking itís electrical...?

I will have a chance to do the volt/amp/alternator meter test and different battery test when Iím back next week.

Stand by.....

Thanks for the help, I'll give that a try.  Yes the bike has fuses.

Sorry my bad, I meant the CRF250L.....

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