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On Two Wheels / Re: 400 Million Hondas - how many have you had?
« on: December 20, 2019, 04:14:38 PM »
Honda Bros 400

Honda Hornet 600

2 X Honda CB400 Super Four

Honda CB500X

Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Cheap Airbox Mod
« on: December 19, 2019, 02:52:41 PM »
I took my restricted air flow stacks off and test rode it yesterday, what a difference on acceleration.But after reading Oyabun's post I ordered the open air stacks from Partzilla because there is obviously a reason why the stacks  are so smooth at the entry point. Wish I knew about this when I first bought the bike.

Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Cheap Airbox Mod
« on: December 13, 2019, 07:13:21 PM »
Interesting post and something I hadn't thought about. If mine is restricted as I'm sure it is being a 2013 model, then what is the unrestricted horsepower if mine is 47bhp?
Also, surely it would have the same effect removing the restricted air intakes completely and not fitting the U.S. unrestricted air intakes?
The cost then being zero.

*Originally Posted by ewryly [+]
Nice!  Sadly, we still have snow from the last storm. But the pictures of bikes and water rival the pictures of bikes and murals! Both make the winter more manageable.

We get sporadic snow dumps, but it doesn't last long.

*Originally Posted by hilldweller [+]
That's not December Scottish weather is it. Your bike should be hidden under the snow. I was saying the same here a day or two ago. 40 years ago we would have snow in November and it would linger on to March. Not so now.

Good for ancient bikers to go for a ride but I'm sure bad news for the planet.

Sunday I went testing 16T in cold bright sunshine. I can't be 100% sure but my gut feeling is I can feel the reduced "go" and I was using more throttle. So gearing up may worsen the fuel consumption a bit.

The plus side is the speedo is now agreeing within 1 mph with the GPS.

It sure is. I would much rather ride through winter than trudge through snow. I do miss the skiing and snowboarding though.
Didn't notice any difference when I went down the 16T route, so now back at stock.

*Originally Posted by ncroadtoad [+]
Your pictures sorta have that winter look, thanks for sharing.
Oh yea, glad to hear those feet are finally warm

Love those Keis insoles, should have bought them years ago.

Today's winter ride took me to Balmaha and Rowardennan on the East side of Loch Lomond.
I now have the Keis heated insoles, so it felt like a summers day on the bike and those quiet roads and tourist spots. Some pics from the days ride.

On Two Wheels / Re: Guy Martin's Great Escape
« on: December 09, 2019, 06:54:01 PM »
I thought it was a good watch. I learned a few things I didn't know about the POW camp.
A work colleague's Dad was a POW in that very camp, his Spitfire was shot down whilst he was on reconnaissance.
She brought in his flight log books for me to read, some very interesting Sorties he went on. He was also a Spitfire flight instructor.
His uniform and his history can be found at the 602 Squadron Museum in Glasgow, I must make a visit. 

CB500X - General Chat / Re: Brakes delivery lorry breaks my bike!!
« on: December 08, 2019, 11:43:05 PM »
*Originally Posted by hilldweller [+]
The video does not quite match how your bike was returned.

Correct, they were good overall, but not perfect. I suppose that's the downside having it repaired so far away, I didn't want to say to the driver "take it back". Although I did give feedback to the claims manager.

CB500X - General Chat / Re: Brakes delivery lorry breaks my bike!!
« on: December 08, 2019, 07:18:29 PM »
*Originally Posted by denislordm [+]
Irishrover can I just ask ? Was there No option for you to take to a Main Honda dealer to have assessment and repairs carried out?
I ask because the last time I had an insurance claim with my car the insurance wanted to deal with it in similar way to yours - However I asked that my vehicle be sorted at the main dealer I got it from, insurance were not as keen and tried to put obstacles in way but I insisted - got the job done Correctly and no issues afterwards.
Am just thinking out loud here is all.
Glad you got sorted to your satisfaction in end anyhow.

There was no option to go to a main dealership and to be honest I don't have any faith in their workmanship. I would much rather it be shipped off to a specialised bike repair facility.
4th Dimension is a professional outfit. I had to make a compromise to get my bike repaired. In all honesty the right front tank cowl shouldn't really have been on the damaged list as it already had a crack at the allen bolt which was caused by a drop I had a long time ago.
The rear rack was a freebie for work done assisting a guy who used to make them, so a bit of black gloss can fix that.

*Originally Posted by hilldweller [+]
Yes - to the benefit of Bennett's !! They must get paid well for them to truck a bike from Scotland to southern England for a repair.

When I got knocked off, Carole Nash did a good job in handling picking up the bike and taking it to their own workshop locally but then screwed me by putting the claim in the hands of their solicitors whom I rate less than useless. I don't think a qualified solicitor ever saw the claim. I got there in the end but only after free advice from a biker/solicitor who told ME how to handle it. My bike got written off just because of the price of spares.

4th Dimension are Bennetts sole repairer. According to the van driver he travels up to Scotland at least once a week to collect bikes, they have about 20 vans throughout the U.K.
He was heading to Aberdeen after picking my bike up.
The cost of transportation will be added to the claim cost no doubt.
Here's a video of what they do when they receive a damaged bike.

CB500X - General Chat / Re: Brakes delivery lorry breaks my bike!!
« on: December 07, 2019, 11:15:16 PM »
Just realised that I never done a follow up with the outcome of my bike insurance claim.
After my bike had been damaged by the Brakes delivery lorry, I contacted my insurance company Bennetts who then forwarded me to 4th Dimension who seemed to take over everything.

I was asked if I wanted to proceed with repairs and claim for the costs afterwards or claim for all costs from the Brakes Company. I donít think I understood what she was asking me and at the time felt that the Brakes Company was at fault, so they should incur all costs. In hind sight this was probably the longer route.

I refused to ride the bike home from work and they offered to collect it from my work place in 3 days when their driver would next be in my area. 4th Dimension are based in Surrey, so this is quite a journey. I was then given the option of a rental bike which would be delivered the same day that my bike would be collected. I asked for the same or similar bike and was informed that they did have a rental CB500X.

I was contacted by the driver 30 minutes away from my work place and the paperwork and transfers went seamlessly. The driver informed me that it would be a few days before he would be back in Surrey as he had to head further North to collect more bikes, so my damage assessment could be the next week or so.

Meanwhile my wife had received several phone calls from the Brakes transport manager saying that they could get the bike repaired and offering a rental car. I didnít want to have any conversations with them as I always thought that insurance is settled using your own company.

4th Dimension updated me weekly on any progress and stated most weeks that they were still waiting on the Brakes insurance assessors giving them authorisation to do the repair. Apparently this is now done using detailed pictures. It took 4 weeks before they gave authorisation.

I then received a call from 4th Dimension telling me that due to the cost of parts and labour it would be their recommendation that the bike be written off. I asked what I would receive as payment and he informed me that he didnít have those figures and it wouldnít be decided until I went through with the process. I then asked is there any way the bike can be repaired and he then told me that if I omitted the rear rack damage which was cosmetic and a front tank shroud panel that had a crack, then it was possible.

At that point one part of me was saying write it off and buy it back and the other was saying get it repaired. I asked if I could buy it back if I went down the write off route and he said yes, I asked how much I can buy it back for, but he didnít have that information until I went down that route.

In the end I opted for the repair.
The repair process took another 2 weeks as they had to wait for parts.
The bike was delivered at my work place with the same call 30 minutes prior to arrival.
When the bike was rolled out the van I was asked to check it over before signing the paperwork. I noticed something strange about the Puig screen, it hadnít been screwed on correctly using the allen bolts and was just loose. Also my auxiliary lights were mounted upside down. The collection and delivery drivers were great as was the overall communications.

When I got the bike home I had a further look and noticed that the auxiliary lights had a pinched wire due to an over tight cable tie, causing an erratic function. This was mentioned in a text message they sent me, but they made out as if it was a problem that was there previously.

I had to buy a new switch and rewire the auxiliary lights as they had them connected direct to the battery.
In hind sight I would probably have gone down the write off route and got car rental instead of bike rental as it was £65 per day as opposed to a car at £25 per day. Even though insurance was picking up the bike rental charge, it didnít sit well with me.
I donít think a bike ever feels the same after it has been damaged, even slightly. My lesson from this is not to get sentimental over something that can easily be replaced.
4th Dimension were great, but not perfect.

Maintenance and Servicing / Re: 2019 Air Filter Access Challenge
« on: December 05, 2019, 02:46:15 PM »
*Originally Posted by woody [+]
Thanks Irish  :152:  :821:

Notice any difference with the K&N, sound or mpg down?

Might have to put one of these on my Christmas list  :008:

No noticeable difference really, just means it's not throw away. The filter cleaning and oiling kit do last a long time. I've cleaned mine several times.
I have noticed since I made that video that the original air filter is now half that price and was always cheaper in the States.

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