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Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: GPS Mount
« on: January 10, 2020, 01:24:30 PM »
This standard GPS bar from the new CB500X, will it fit on older models? Does anyone know?

Latest improvement on looks and sound :)
Akrapovic Titanium slip on

Guys, I need your help!

I want to buy Akrapovic slip-on for my bike - CB500X 2018.
I have trouble finding correct exhaust model for my motorcycle, and official dealer in Serbia (Yamaha Plattner) doesn’t know either.
On Akrapovic site, only CB500X listed is the old one (2013-2016) – with exhaust model S-H5SO2-HRSS.
For newer generation, they have listed S-H5SO3-HRSS only for CB500F, but I can’t find information is it the same and compatible for CB500X?

On the other hand, Revzilla says that 03 version is the one I'm looking for, and 02 wont fit...
I’m afraid to pay 600 euros without knowing is it exhaust made for my motorcycle…

Does anyone know for sure if any/which one fits my bike?

Bar is replaced!
Toughest part of entire process was removing bar weights, but even that was easy enough.
Big thanks to Jenny Morgan and her advice.
Here are two photos of those pins that needs to be squeezed and pulled out. Maybe it will be helpful to someone.

New Member Introductions / Re: Greetings from city of Novi Sad, Serbia :)
« on: February 21, 2019, 09:08:01 AM »
I wasn’t expecting such a warm welcome! Thank you guys!  :821:

I know that functional damage will be repaired and even improved soon, and scratches will be ignored eventually, but my main concern right now is that I’m afraid to lean again.
I drove it next day couple of miles to assess the damage and handling, and on every turn I tried to be upright as I can. Hope that fear will fade away with time…
I’ll try to take many photos of entire process repairing it, and keep you posted about progress.
Maybe it will be helpful to someone.

Pozdrav svima!

New Member Introductions / Greetings from city of Novi Sad, Serbia :)
« on: February 20, 2019, 08:55:44 PM »
Hello everyone!

I bought last year brand new gunpowder black CB500XA as my first "big" bike. So far, we've traveled together for about 3000 miles without any problems! Just pure fun! Such an easy and forgiving bike to drive.
Few days ago was first sunny and warm day here in Novi Sad, perfect to start the moto season...
As I left my garage, on my first small lean to the right, my front wheel slipped and I fell for the first time on this bike. I was, and still am - furious! I can't get rid of that "it's not new anymore" feeling.
Broke my brake leaver, right side of steering bar banded, broke plastic bit around right indicator light, made few scratches on exhaust, fairing where sticker is, rear view mirror...
I'm not sure what happened. I suppose that winter temperatures, sitting in garage did something to the rubber on tires that made them very slippery. I just feel I did some noob mistake, but still don't know what it was.

Anyway, I've ordered new bar from dealership and new aftermarket Puig leavers. I'll try to make him same or better than it was before the crash, and I'm relying to help from all of you on this forum with your knowledge and experience.

Right away, BIG thanks to Jenny Morgan for explaining how to remove bar weights. I'll need to do that soon.

Until next time,
pozdrav svima iz Srbije!  :002:



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