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*Originally Posted by Martin [+]
Glad you were OK - sounds precarious. I wonder if you were unlucky in how the bike fell on the Barkbusters. From reading other people’s reports they’ve abused/used them more than that without having to replace bent parts. I would have thought they could withstand more abuse.
I think it was probably just bad luck, the bike landing at the wrong angle, messing everything up.

This turned into more than just a few bent bolts, and ended up being longer to fix.

The reason the bike tipped over is I misjudged a line on a rough forest steep uphill road about 3,000 ft. in elevation, sharp drop-off to the left - so sticking to the right cuz heights give me the willys, and a tyre track size deep rain-gully to the right as well, but with a better line in the middle that I didn't take. I took the gully, hoping to bounce out of it, I quickly knew it was a bad choice but I'd done this before... sh#t... and momentum was stopped dead, and in a conundrum. So over she went at zero mph. Letting it go is cheaper than back surgery.

The bike tipped further than 90° to the right at zero mph into the dirt and rock, and both my riding partners helped wake the bike up from its nap. The Barkbusters did their job, but I spent the remainder of the day manually helping to close the throttle. Something that could be fixed at home.

At first inspection back in my three season garage, two bolts from the handlebar clamp were bent, as was expander part BBE-17 and replaced. When I pulled everything apart, I discovered the long bolt that holds the Barkbusters was slightly bent as well (but still usable - I'm from Northumberland and a bit of a cheap bastard), but the biggest discovery was the backbone had bent as well. I had to bend it back into shape as best I could (it took quite a bit of effort, for this old git, to get it close to what it was supposed to be). Both Barkbusters are back to working order now.

I reckon if the bike goes down on the right side again, I'll replace the backbone, it resists being bent back into shape quite strongly. But until that day, we're back on the trail.

In case anyone needs one of these as a spare, order now. I could find only one in the whole of the USA. from Twisted Throttle. I have a spare on order from Oz.

From Barkbusters (and to purchase from Twisted Throttle):

Unfortunately the expander from the BHG-055 kit is different to all of the bar end insert kits. Therefore you will need to order x2 of them in as replacement parts. The order code is R-BBE17.

I hope this helps anyone that has bent their expander...

*Originally Posted by STOKIE [+]
B-026 are the one's I got, there's some on UK Ebay, don't know about your side.  :027:
Thanks, much appreciated.

After a low speed tip-over, with Barkbuster Storms installed on OEM 7/8 bars, the bolts on the handlebar clamp got damaged (a little bent). These were easily replaced, but the expansion sleeve was twisted as well.

I'm trying to track down the correctly sized replacement sleeve kit. I think the Barkbuster part number I need is B-027, but can't be sure from the many descriptions out there. Anyone know if this is correct?

I contacted Barkbuster and Twisted throttle a couple of days ago with this question, but no response (I know, I know... Covid staffing shortages).

*Originally Posted by BiggusDickus [+]
Thanks for sharing, looks like a fun time.  Know that area, I live in Lake Stevens WA.

I really like it on the OP. Most of trails around Quilcene are not all that difficult and only about an hour away from my house. In all the years I’ve been up to Hurricane Ridge, I’d never been to Obstruction Point. The dirt trail to the point is only 16 miles round trip, but a lot of fun. We lucked out getting up there, those twisties that get you up to the visitor center are great if you’re not stuck behind a car, and I’m always amazed how TKC80s grip the road.

On the way down, we were following a group of cruisers, I thought it was going to be a laborious “long way down” but they were riding really fast, it was cool to see. Until one of them left their saddle like a bar room rodeo bullrider and 900lbs of chrome disappeared down one of the many steep drop offs. The bike ended up buried in the brush way down  at the bottom of the aforementioned steep drop off. The rider was OK, walking around. It would take a heavy lifter to drag the bike out. Those guys were the fastest cruiser riders I’d ever seen.

Ride Reports, Trips, and Touring / Forest Service Roads and Mountaintops
« on: October 01, 2020, 09:19:35 PM »
I took the Rally Raid L2 X out yesterday.

Me being laid off, and my buddy retired from the Navy, we took advantage of emptier mid-week trails (the KTM is his 70th birthday present to himself). The trails were still damp from recent rains and were in great condition having next to no dust (hence the clean looking bikes). I was able to dial in my Level 2 suspension to a satisfactory setting for these roads.

We tooled around the forest service roads around Quilcene, and then up to Obstruction Point, Washington State. The smoke you see is from California wildfires.

CB500X - General Chat / Re: ABS
« on: September 29, 2020, 04:20:32 PM »
As I understand things... Cupping of the front tyre is also caused by the wheel skipping. It happens to all bikes, it’s more pronounced with block tyres that log pavement miles. Improving front suspension helps reduce the effect, but all cupping is unavoidable.

Random Banter / Re: How many oldies
« on: September 24, 2020, 12:29:16 AM »
*Originally Posted by crispenator [+]
I was actualy at the same show in 1978 with my father and uncle who lived in watford on holiday from oz i was 18 .
That’s pretty funny. Good times.

I lusted after big two-strokes, and really wanted that Suzy 750. But not in Fabergreen.

Random Banter / Re: How many oldies
« on: September 23, 2020, 10:38:10 PM »
*Originally Posted by Swanny [+]
The great smell of Brut  :008:
I needed it after that weekend.

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