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ďCrash barsĒ doesnít exactly have a positive connotation for someone in the business of selling motorcycles.

CB500X - General Chat / Re: Itchy Boots and the CB500X
« on: July 12, 2020, 09:01:09 PM »
Thanks for the heads up on Itchy Boots and the CB500X.  Iíve watched a ton of her episodes (my favorites are the mountain passes in Patagonia) but hadnít tuned in these past couple weeks - - will definitely need to check out her new CB500X!

*Originally Posted by 32dgrz [+]
They arenít that expensive and the work well

So, who makes these fancy mirrors and whatís the advantage?


Tyres and Wheels / Re: NEW Dunlop Trailmax Mission on 2019 CB500X
« on: July 02, 2020, 06:37:17 PM »
*Originally Posted by motorboy [+]
So does anyone know the rear rim width on a 2019

I guess you missed the info posted above in Reply #33:

4.5Ē width, 17Ē rim.


Tyres and Wheels / Re: NEW Dunlop Trailmax Mission on 2019 CB500X
« on: July 02, 2020, 02:19:48 PM »
*Originally Posted by Wedgetail [+]

Not sure the rim is wide enough to take a 170 tyre but but either way difficult to see any advantage to it. By my rough calculations the extra height of the 150/70 over the 160/60 would raise your gearing by about 3%

According to this source, the 170 tire will fit the 4.5Ē rim:


Tyres and Wheels / Re: NEW Dunlop Trailmax Mission on 2019 CB500X
« on: July 02, 2020, 11:32:39 AM »
*Originally Posted by TCBronson [+]
So, on a stock 2019/20 500x, they make the Dunlop Trailmax Mission tires in the exact size for the front, 110-80-19, but for the rear you have to choose wider than the stock 160-60-17,  either a wider 170-60-17 or narrower 150-70-17.  Which would be the better fit to the rim?  Or safer?  Would the 150-70 be a taller tire and if so it would effect the speedo but also lower rpm a bit on the highway?

In the review article linked in the first post to this thread, the photos of the CB500X with Mission tires look like the wider option to my eye.  But I canít say for sure.

In that same article, they reference an earlier review they had done on the 2019 CB500X.  If you follow that link, in the review they had this to say about the stock tires/wheels:

Stock front tire size is a standard 110 width, but the rear tire is a hefty 160/60-17 mounted to a 4.5 inch wide rim. This probably aided the CB500X's very neutral and predictable street manners, but I can't help wonder how the on and off-road performance of the bike would be impacted by installing a narrower and lighter tire on the rear. Throwing a heavy duty tube in a tire that wide would add power sapping weight to the wheel.

My inclination is to go with the narrower tire, but I can see how itís a tough call.


CB500X - General Chat / Re: Goodbye for now
« on: June 29, 2020, 11:29:21 PM »
*Originally Posted by KenD [+]
With mixed feelings Iím notify all my mates Iíve traded the 500 for a 2019 Kawasaki Z900 RS Cafe. I rode 100% on-road and wanted more Ďstreetí than Ďadventureí which the X could not provide. The 500 was my first bike in 30 years. My previous ride, sold in 1990, was a Honda 750 F with the sport handling kit. Both were fabulous bikes. The rider who buys the 2019 X will get a sweet riding bike.
The RS Cafe is a totally different machine altogether. More power than Iíll ever need, great riding position, not too forward, just right for me. Running it in nice and easy. Concentrating on smooth, fluid riding. Uses 10W40 instead of the 500ís 10W30. Lots more aftermarket brands to choose from. But, oil changes are 500 miles from now. Plenty of riding time till then.
I plan to stay a member of this forum and chime in from time to time. Ride smart and come home safe.
PS: donít tell management

Congrats on the new ride.  Sounds like fun.

Any chance you could send me a Private Message letting me know what dealer has your trade?  I had sent a PM previously but maybe you didnít see it.  Thanks.

*Originally Posted by JMo [+]
ps. if that 'rally' version of the Tenere is too tall for you, perhaps I can interest you in this?


Very nice!  Is that your RR CBX?  What did you do to the headlight?

I am focussed on a 2019/20 model.  But I will even need to lower one of them a bit!

*Originally Posted by JMo [+]
Hi VA' - you're unlikely to see the 471cc CB500X engine increase in capacity - not only since it's very much their A2 licence platform, but mainly because I'm not sure there is any more room inside that architecture to increase the piston diameter or increase the stroke - as you may already be aware, the 471cc '500' engine is already a longer stroke version of the 399cc '400' model for Asian markets.

Whether Honda are working on another 'mid size' [and presumably Parallel twin] engine family is unclear, but the current NC engine layout is going to result in a much larger and longer bike than the current CB is.

fwiw. The new Tenere is both good looking and offers more performance than the current CB500X - whether you need (or simply want) that is another question - it is also correspondingly taller and longer and heavier than the CB.

Jenny x

Jenny, good points.  But A2 licensing limitations are only a concern for eurozone markets, I believe.  Plus Honda already has the CB400X to fill that requirement if needed.

Also, on the engine, if it were physically possible to further enlarge the displacement (Iím not saying it is, only ďifĒ), it might be possible to map the engine performance to increase low- and mid-range power delivery without breaking the A2 upper limitations
(unless of course those limitations are purely displacement-based?)

You have a much better bead on the Honda product development than I do. I have no idea whether Honda can physically increase displacement of the current engine, or whether they would consider creating a new engine model (unlikely.)  So my comments above should be read as one manís wishlist.

As for the Tenere 700, that is certainly a nice bike on paper.  But the seat height rules it out for probably 2/3-3/4 of all motorcycle riders, leaving a much smaller group of prospective buyers that are interested.  I am not one of them.

*Originally Posted by Oyley [+]
....Biggest surprise all rounder was the CB500X, puts a big smile on my face every time..its a keeper unless a 650 ish version with similar dimensions appears on the scene. ..even then  it would be a hard decision...

I have been thinking along the same lines myself, though maybe not quite so much as that (650 cc). 

The NC700X got a power boost and became the NC750X.  I could easily see Honda doing the same and creating a CB550X in the next year or two.  If it was a true 550 cc engine, that would make a 17% bump in displacement, which would be a very noticeable power boost. 

If all else remained equal, including weight, Honda would have a REALLY impressive bike in a CB550X.

I realize the smaller Africa Twin design is on its way soon (supposedly), but that is likely going to be an 800-850cc bike.  So itís not likely to be in the same size/weight class as the CBX.  I think thereís still plenty of room in the line-up for a smaller Africa Twin and a larger (displacement) CBX.

Suspension / Re: Whatís the best way to lower my 2020
« on: June 23, 2020, 02:15:29 PM »
*Originally Posted by DandyDoug [+]
The part numbers I wrote are on the invoice from the Honda shop.
Looking at the instructions for mounting I see the links are from a place called, T-Rex Racing.
 Their part number is LL41-19 2019-on Honda CB500R , CB500X

I'm not all that computer literate, so I don't know how to post pictures .Maybe if you go to the T-Rex web site you can find something.

Not sure exactly what the PSR stands for , it was on the boxes everything came in. Probably some distributor the my Honda shop uses to buy stuff from.

Okay, gotcha.  And with Oyleyís comment above, Iíve got all the info I need.  Thanks.

After reading your initial post, I had the impression your Honda dealership had used an oem lowering kit.  I understand now that they actually used aftermarket components.  But itís good to know which ones they preferred!

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