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I chose the Kappa side cases because they are the only side cases that I'm aware of that are top loading. Perfect for grocery shopping.

Givi is a sister company of Kappa with almost identical but more expensive clones of the side and top cases. I did not want to pay for branding.

Will post more pictures when I get some free time.

I bought the bike used and it came with a motech rear rack so I needed compatible side carriers. I also really liked the design and features of the motech side carrier, although I had to wait 4 months for delivery because it's a newly released product.

Also bought a 70L waterproof duffel bag that lays across the side cases so I've got plenty of storage for long distance adventures.


Installed yesterday on my 2019 CB500X.
Easy to install. Very pleased with the quality and fit to the bike.
The Street-Rack and Pro Side Carrier work together as a system sharing components.
Adapters for other luggage brands are available.

SW-Motech Street-Rack GPT.01.373.16000/B
SW-Motech Street-Rack Monokey Adapter GPT.00.152.54400/B
Kappa 46 liter top case KGR46N
SW-Motech Pro Side Carrier KFT.01.400.30000/B
SW-Motech Pro Side Carrier Monokey Adapter KFT.00.152.35400
Kappa 22 liter side cases K22N

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