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Suspension / Racetech front and rear.
« on: September 27, 2016, 08:15:26 PM »
I have installed Racetech spring and emulators in several bikes.I really like this set up,and I have finally decided to do the front.95kg/mm springs should be right for my set up with my luggage.I can always step up to 1.00kg/mm or step down to 90kg/mm.On my other bikes around the same weight as the CB-X,the 95kg/mm has proven to be the best compromise with emulators.I am 220lbs in street clothes and my full load of gear is around 60lbs.

These are the springs.Amazon doesn't have them listed for the CB500X,but the part numbers cross reference with Racetech.

These are the emulators for the front.Again,cross referenced using the Racetech website.

The springs and emulators are sold as a matched set for $213.75US.Just follow the page for the springs to the bottom to see it.

I recently bought a 1999 CBR600 F4 rear shock.I can get springs for the shock, from companies I've contact,for around $100.They have many spring rates available.The stock spring rate is 14.2kg/mm.It's a bit stiff.I think maybe a 13.2kg/mm or a 13.8kg/mm will be closer to what I need.Searching through the internet,I learned that Racetech offers gold valve emulators for the CBR shock.I'm going to upgrade the CBR shock while I'm at it.Racetech doesn't offer a softer spring, that I have been able to find.I may call them again and ask.

Rear shock emulator kit,$157.57.

After I add in shock oil and fork fluid,I'll have about $425 in my suspension set up.I'm starting with the rear first.I have a hard time keeping traction in the rear.The shock fades away really quickly just riding gravel roads.I loose traction because the shock can't react fast enough.I don't think the spring rate is overly soft,but with me and load of gear,I have to crank the preload all the way up.

I am expecting my shock to be here tomorrow or Wednesday.I'll try to get the spring rate sorted out, order it, and the Racetech kit next week when I get paid.Once I get that set up and sorted out,I'll move onto the front.

CB500X - General Chat / Another one hits the ground.ATGATT
« on: September 24, 2016, 07:53:02 PM »
This is a copy of my post on advrider.It happened this past thursday afternoon.

Dumped the CB-X this afternoon, because the OE suspension is to tall for me.Looks like I'm in for a new shift pedal,adjustable levers and bar ends.It also damaged my left case mounting bracket, to the point that I can't mount that case.It's a good thing I bought Tusk panniers.

I dumped it in a way that the top of the bike was lower than the wheels.I couldn't pick it up by myself.I had another rider in our group help me,and we were almost not able to get it back on it's wheels.I didn't have the bike loaded,thankfully.I only had my trunk mounted with my rain gear,bottled water, and tire repair tools.

My Hepco Becker tank and engine guards really saved me.I fell on really jagged rocks.I would have lost the left middle cowl and engine side cover had I not had them installed.I guess I will pull off my crash bars over the winter and send them out for powder coating.

I tried to catch it and ended up getting flipped over and down the hill.I twisted my left knee and ankle when I tried to catch it.Not bad,just enough to make me sore.I also made the mistake of not letting go of the handle bars.As the bike rolled forward,as it was falling,it jerked me forward and to the left.So I was thrown forward,landing on my left shoulder and helmet before rolling out onto my back.So I also have a bruised shoulder.It's really hard to described how all this happened at once,and in a way that make sense.It's one of those,you had to be there and laugh about it things, to really understand it.

Gear saved my body.Gear saved my bike.

Spotted ! Was it You ? / 8/25 Saluda,NC around 2pm.
« on: August 25, 2016, 09:29:09 PM »
Today,I was returning from a ride on the FS roads.I passed a parked 2014 in Saluda,NS,and waved at the rider as I passed.Was that a member here?I was riding my 2014 with my luggage mounted.

Unfortunately,my phone died, and I forgot my charger.I was having to much fun to go back to town and get one.Here are the only pics I got.This is somewhere west of Asheville and north of Brevard.I rode just shy of 1200 miles from 8am Friday 6-24 to 3 am Monday 6-27.My but did not survive Seat Concepts seat kit this ride.I am still to sore to sit properly.I'll have to make some modifications.I hammock camped at Mt. Pisgah one night and Crabtree Falls the next night.I was late getting in and early getting out.

I ate at Mt. Mitchell restaurant.It was ok.They were super busy.They had more business than they were prepared for.I got this pic,and it's the last pic I got before my phone died.

These are random pics from when I first hit the FS roads.

Maintenance and Servicing / Valve adjustment and interesting results.
« on: March 30, 2016, 04:51:24 AM »
Today I have worked tirelessly on getting my valve lash checked, so I can get my shims tomorrow.Having spinal stenosis, that causes my legs to go out,and neuropathy in my hands and lower legs, make things challenging.

My bike was made in February 2014.We all know the early 2013 models had valve train problems.I find it odd that my bike has just over 9000 miles,and every one of my valves are at the limit or over.I know I ride hard, but not hard enough to sink the valves up in the head that quick.My factory installed shims measured out very odd as well.Everyone of them was a different thickness.The numbers were completely gone on the old shims.Usually there's some hint of the numbers on them.First thing,when the stealership opens up,I'll hopefully be getting my shims,and finishing up by tomorrow evening.

I did my valve check early for two reasons.It's about to get real hot and humid in the south east,and I don't want to have to do the valve check mid summer.I'm also installing crash bars, and other equipment, that may make doing a valve check way more difficult.

For those that want to know,our shim diameter is 7.48mm and is sometimes listed as 7.50mm.Don't forget to use molybdenum oil on the shims when installing them.I use a Honda moly paste.I hope I can find mine.

I received my Hepco Becker tank and engine guards earlier this week.Does anyone, that has installed these guards, have any sage advice on installation?I'm out of the riding game for the next three months,due to medical treatments I am receiving.I plan to use the times I'm feeling well to get some bike work done.On the list is Hepco Becker tank/engine guards,Tusk D-Flex hand guards installed,gear indicator installed,mount my side cases,remount my top case,rework/remount my broken GPS mount,remount my 118bikes windscreen,mount my CBR250 rear tire hugger,check/adjust the valves,and do an oil change.I'm sure I am missing a few other small things.

Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / GPS case failure.Check it out.
« on: December 09, 2015, 09:38:24 PM »
I did 15,000 miles, roughly,with this GPS case.On my ride today,it gave up on me.Just beware of these cheap cases.It may be a good idea to figure out a way to tether the case to the bike.

I left home heading for Cashiers,NC last week,with plans to pick up the Tail of the Dragon along the NC/TN state line.Leaving Rosman,NC I kept getting slowed down by commercial traffic.I made the decision to head up road 215 to the Blue Ridge Parkway,and come back home by way of Cherokee,NC and Maggie Valley,NC.While on road 215 and the parkway,I snapped a few pics.These are in no certain order.

Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Add on padded seat cover.
« on: October 05, 2015, 10:08:12 PM »
I picked up a Coleman ATV seat protector pad from Cabela's for $19.99.I did about 120miles today, and it works ok.It helps relieve the pressure points on the back of my legs where they rub the edge of the seat.It also helps to stop pressure point pain on my but bones.I also noticed I don't slide into the tank anymore.

I have a 600+ mile ride coming up, and I won't receive my seat concepts seat until after I get back.I'm hoping this protector pad will work until I can get my SC seat installed.

I used the front retaining strap and middle retaining strap.The rear one I left as is.I tucked the strap ends under the seat except the rear,I tucked those under the pad.

These first few were on the forest service roads between Brevard,NC and Rosman,NC.Lots of rough rutted roads,with steep hills and switch back curves.Top speed 40mph on the nice smooth sections,and crawling through the rough switch backs.

Things got out of control here.This road is best left to 4x4 and bikes with LOOOONG travel suspension.

I looked over the side here and never seen the bottom.The mountain drop straight off about a foot from the edge.

Way steeper than it looks and goes into a right hand switch back curve.

With all the creeks and rivers around,I had to get the bike in one.This is were two creeks merge to form a small river.

It's hard to see the smaller creek coming under the road.

Here's where the two creeks meet to for the river.Not much rain around,so the water lever is extremely low.People usually kayak through here.Oh yeah!That's a true southern rope swing over the river.

On my way home,I stopped and took these two pics of Table Rock in SC where I live.
The approach.

Passing by.I turned around to get my bike in the pic.

I would have gotten more pics,but I was pressed for time, and I wanted to ride as much as possible.The Shinko 705 tires preformed flawlessly.

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