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Ride Reports, Trips, and Touring / A ride around my area.
« on: March 11, 2015, 08:27:41 PM »
I live on the South Carolina North Carolina state line.I decided to man up and have a go at some gravel.I was surprised at how well the new CB handle it,especially the deep loose marble type gravel.I didn't stop to get pics of the loose gravel.I couldn't get a foot down and would have dumped my brand new baby.

This is Fairview farms in Landrum,SC.I couldn't stop on the gravel road in Fairview because of the traffic and narrow road.

Our gravel is usually packed tight like pavement with gravel sand ontop.This is outside of Columbus,NC on the NC/SC state line,above Fairview farms.This stuff can get slimy during a rain.

That's interstate 74 bridge in the background.

Here's the reason for the I-74 bridge.

Our area is known for raising and breeding show horses.They live a life better than me.Their stables are environmentally controlled, and look like a million dollars.Cost almost as much as well.

Moving on north into the mountains of Columbus,we have a mountain with two names.The front side is White Oak and the back side is Skyuka.There are very few naturally growing evergreens growing there.I believe the back side is a native American name.I came up the back side so these pics will reflect that.By the way,there is water all over the place here in the form of creeks,streams,ponds,and small lakes.

It's hard to see in this pic,but this is a natural water wall.It runs year round except in the dries summers or it freezes in the coldest winters.

This is the lower falls on the Skyuka side.The upper falls is on the White Oak side.

The area where the mountain is divided.It's not the highest point surprisingly.This is over looking Saluda,NC.

We had some wild parties under that rock in my youth.there's a path down under it next to that lonesome  tree.That was before the mountain was made a private community.

Moving on up.White Oak is the highest point that the public can get.It over looks Columbus,NC.

Coming across White Oak,the upper falls runs under the road,down,and around the the lower falls pictured above.

This is where the falls comes out under the road.

Ahhh.Every bike I have ever owned,has been through the White Oak Skyuka mountain community.

I saved this one for last.It may be of interest to the English members.In my area,it is thought that the sport of red fox hunting was brought over from England.It was also thought that during Colonial times,that every proper sporting English gentleman participated in "The Hunt".Unfortunately,the red fox was hunted almost to extinction in my area.So people started naming things around the area after the red fox.This place has been around since red fox hunting was popular.

CB500X - General Chat / Something is missing from my bike.
« on: March 08, 2015, 11:19:50 PM »
When they were prepping my bike,I ask them to adjust the shock.They said the tool kit didn't come with my bike but it came with a pouch of stuff.When I was checking over my bike,I noticed that the shock splash guard wasn't installed.Can someone post a pic of their shock from the rear with the missing inner fender/splash guard?I can't find it on a parts fiche to get a part number to give them.

Here's how mine looks.

CB500X - General Chat / 2N Rider Shop on Facebook
« on: March 08, 2015, 03:22:04 AM »
I found this 2N Rider Shop on facebook.They're in Thailand.Anyone have info on the products the show installed on their bikes?

CB500X - General Chat / Offically a new owner now.PICS
« on: March 06, 2015, 07:48:47 PM »
I picked up my factory fresh 2014 Honda CB500X Wednesday evening and made the adventure riders meet and greet dinner.I put 45 miles on my bike between the dealer and home,counting the dinner meet.I don't live close to anything and out in the country.Wooo hooo.I hope to put down some more miles this weekend.

Right now, I need to lower it just a bit,reshape the seat,and add some adjustable levers.So I will be busy.I am planning a lot more mods and add ons.I am surprisingly happy with the tires that came on the bike.I still need a 80/20 tire.We have a good many gravel roads here.Some I need to take to get where I need to go.

The factory CB500X spring length is roughly 22.5in/571.5mm.Here's how I came up with that number.

*Originally Posted by Xch [+]
Here is a photo of the springs and spacer from the 500X and the 600 Transalp.

They are identical in length.

I took this info and cross referenced it with a couple aftermarket moto spring manufactures.They list the spring's length.Now we all know from the pic above,that the CBX spring is shorter and uses a spacer.

From advrider post,the CBX spring spacer is 5in/127mm.D**n US needs to go to metric.
*Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet)
Firstly, the stock springs are very much shorter than they could be - with a 5" plastic spacer above them. 'Mitch certainly feels that the short spring length certainly doesn't help with the overall 'budget' feel of the OEM forks - and that by replacing the stock springs with some far longer ones, we should immediately see a far plusher ride from the front end.

So we have a spring length of (5in/127mm subtracted from 22.5in/571.5mm)  17.5in/444.5mm.
Now we have a spring length.I can't find 17.5 inch springs.I will go out on a limb here,from experience with older bikes, and speculate that the CBX springs probably started out at 18 inches.Them being crammed in those forks they have lost a half inch due to being compressed so long.

We know our bikes rough weight of 430lbs/195kg ready to ride.That number is directly from the Honda website.Now I find a bike a little heavier, with 18 inch springs, that has 41mm forks.I came up with these two Progressive Suspension part numbers for bikes that are roughly 50-70 pounds (22.5-32.5kg) heavier with 41mm forks.The two Progressive Suspension numbers I came up with that meet this criteria are 11-1126 and 11-1145.These springs are progressively wound so they get stiffer as weight is added.

I know that the fork internals can only travel so far before bottoming out.From my understanding,most road type moto forks use the spacer and spring bind to keep the fork internals from bottoming out.Correct me if I'm wrong,and please bring proof.Running stiffer springs usually provides a little lift,if the bike is set up with the factory length stiffer springs and factory spacer.If the spacer is replaced with a section cut out of the factory progressive spring,with a flat steel washer separating the two,it would be like having dual rate progressive springs.I believe this would allow for a little extra travel,by lifting the bike a little and allowing a little more down travel before bottoming out the forks.Preload could be adjusted with adjustable preload fork caps.

New Member Introductions / New Member in SC
« on: February 25, 2015, 06:56:06 PM »
I've been following the CB500X threads on advrider and found this forum linked in.I'm interested in buying a CB500X, and Honda has some good deals going on for financing right now.I am here to be sure I can fit out my bike to my liking and my intended usage before I sign on the dotted line.

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