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I'm familiar with Turcano Urbano and, yes they are really good. But my X has Barkbusters  with the plastic shields. I tried adapting an old pair of Urbanos, but couldn't make it work.
Returning from my trip today , My shields worked well, though not as snug as Urbanos. However the shields do leave the standard switch gear, Oxford heated grip control and an extra spotlight switch easy to see and reach. They kept some heavy rain off my gloves, and with the heated grips my hands stayed warm, despite the very cold wind. Also they stayed firmly in place and did not flap about. So they are staying on until the spring comes.

2 hours, dead on and job done. I don't know how to post photos and my phones on charge. But maybe if I email pics to a member, when I get back, they could put them on the forum.
Think of them as plastic handlbar muffs, file covers cut about and stiched with cable ties and cable tied to the bark busters. No holes drilled, no sticky tape. They look what they are, a lash up job, but with gaffer tape to seal the seams, they'll do. Next few days will prove whether the work and hold together.

I'm glad this post came up again. I 'd been meaning to do something of this sort as the X is my sole form of transport and in these nasty (by UK standards) weather conditions I have to get down to Somerset this afternoon and then from there to North wales on Sunday and home again to Essex on Tuesday. My riding gear is well up to the cold and the wet, but even with heated grips and bark busters, my warmest gloves are no longer completely warm enough or weather proof.
So this morning, with a couple of neutral tinted file covers, I'll see what I can do. Not a shred of 3M tape in the house! But I'm thinking of a sort of handlebar muff extension to the bark busters, secured with cable ties. Its unlikely to be elegant, but It should work.
3 hours to departure time. That's a great incentive!

CB500X - General Chat / Re: 2017 Colours
« on: January 03, 2017, 08:34:01 PM »
I'm sorry to see they are going back to what looks like a dull metalic red, rather like the pre 2016 models. I love my 2016  with its "proper" bright red which maybe in years to come will be seen as the most desireable red :001:
Then again, maybe Honda is right and everybody really likes naff metalic red :012:

I thought it looked different. Mine is just a single spring.

Thanks Ceddy, now I know what to look for.

 I realise that many Level 3 owners use their bikes off road, and for them a centre stand is unwelcome weight and has to take second place to the Rally Raid sump guard.
But as I went for the Level 3 to benefit from the cushier ride, larger front wheel, and lets be honest, the spoked wheels, I wanted a centre stand. I knew the standard item would be too short, and was unsure if it was extended, would it foul the side stand, or anything else. As I managed to get an unused centre stand kit cheaply, I took the chance.
It was easy to detemine that the legs needed extending about 60mm. I chose to weld the extensions on so that they were parralel to each other rather than contiuing to slay further outwards. On trial fitting, this proved Ok on the off side, (as we say in the UK) but on the near side the extension needed to be angled out a little way to clear the side stand. I then made a new prong to stand on to lever the bike onto the stand.
I thought this might be useful info for anybody else wanting a centre stand to work with RR Level 3 mods.
I picked the stand up from the powder coater's today and I have the pivot tube, the rubber buffer and the spring, but I cannot find a picture anywhere of where the centre stand spring hooks onto the frame. Could sombody point me in the right direction please.

Yep! I have Fuzeblock on my 2016. I does what i says on the tin, easy to figure out, options of switched or unswitched, made by slotting mini blade fuses into the appropriate connections, so you can chage from switched to unswitched any time you want.
I fitted it under the seaqt, and yes, I Dremelled a few bits of plastic out of the way, with no harm done.
Only downside is the cover, held on by 2 small CSK screws, all too easy to fumble and loose, somewhere down by the battery. Now how do I know that?  :034:

CB500X - General Chat / Re: Experienced rider considering the 500x
« on: October 21, 2016, 10:10:45 AM »
While there are those on this forum who are "on their way up", looking forward to their next bike as something bigger, many of us are "on the way down" and having had bigger bikes, big Guzzis, BMWs etc myself, we no longer see the need for the extra power and weight, and actually thouroughly enjoy the CB500x's lighter weight and still peppy performance.
In the UK, speed enforcement and density of traffic mean that there are few opportunities left, outside of track days, to hoon about on the bigger bikes, the way we once did.
I realise that there is a place for bigger bikes, for those who regularly take a full sized pillion and the attendant luggage, but having done that kind of touring 2 up with camping gear, on an F650 Beemer, I am still, not personally convinced that even our little Hondas are not up to it, but for me the CB500x does all I need, to the shops, across the country or across the continent.

Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Headlight adjustment
« on: October 03, 2016, 04:06:08 PM »
Thanks Grim.
Ceddy. The only Philips screwhead I can see anywhere under that cover, and I have searched thoroughly with a torch, is one at the furthest end of a recess, towards the front of the bike. It is tight, as if holding something in place. I dosn't look or feel like any sort of adjustment.
I have managed to rotate the disc with the 8mm hex head on it. I managed to heat and bend an 8mm ring spanner. The disc has gear teeth on its rear side which obviously engage with another cog. It moves smoothly and anticlockwise, lowers the beam.  :046:

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