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Random Banter / Re: Share the Road
« Last post by Or on Today at 01:27:29 PM »
Almost every week I am witnessing an incident where bicycle riders try to commit suicide via motorcycle, either by my own or by my friends.
I do believe they have the right to the road as everyone else, but
They act as the road is totally theirs and that is extremely annoying. they take most of the lane, and usually have an escort vehicle that blocks the road - on a one lane road with no option to bypass them for miles and miles..

A common sense & as a common courtesy if you see a 300 Kilo's (mc and a rider) of a roaring beast made of metal and plastic coming at you at 100~ km/h you move aside.... but many time I see BC riders stuck on the road as if their own father built the road ..

I see the same goes with offroad bikes MC\BC , where BC riders intently connect with forest rangers to close the (off)road to MC riders.
An example.. (be advised, we ride on the right side, not like you lot ,on the left  :153:)
New Member Introductions / Re: Just ordered a new CB500X :)
« Last post by Henry_Norton on Today at 01:19:28 PM »
Forgot to say, I'm in Hertfordshire, UK.
New Member Introductions / Just ordered a new CB500X :)
« Last post by Henry_Norton on Today at 01:17:44 PM »
Hi All. I've just ordered a new 500x after quite a few years of Triumph and BMW. Very excited, it's my first new bike too!
Random Banter / Re: Share the Road
« Last post by Mister Paul on Today at 10:36:54 AM »
It's a bizarre world that we live in. This is the kind of guff that we vulnerable road users have to deal with -
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: trickel chargers.
« Last post by Jonathan on Today at 09:09:44 AM »
*Originally Posted by chubbybrown [+]
Made a Big mistake, Bought a new battery as I thought No way my optimate 4 could be Faulty as It was the last thing suspected.

A new 13 charger ( yes and bought a voltmeter)Took 2 hours to charge the battery Which I thought was gassed and Now have a new Varta as a Spare.
They go Faulty just like everything else, The Pigtails is a good idea though

Ctek make some good gear....but an old, quality charger will last you a lifetime
*Originally Posted by chubbybrown [+]
Battery Weak although hooked up to an Optimate 4 all winter.

Bought New battery, Tried charging with said optimate 4, Thought I had been given a duff battery or No acid in there already.

managed to Blow the main fuse which is behind the right-hand side plastic panel, ( there is a spare 30 amp below if you don't already have one )
The bike now running after splurging 13 on one of those Aldi Chargers and also bought A volt meter which they have for sale just now.

Bike now running and the Optimate continues to tell me it's charging something when connected  :172:

Its A tale of the Main fuse really as I never knew it had one where it was and just saying optimates go wrong like anything else
Ta for now


My only experience with Optimate is one of those mini chargers with two USB ports, that you plug into a Hella type fine. The fact that you can buy a mains battery charger for under 20 suggests that these are also on the ever-growing 'disposable goods' list. I still have (and use) a Lucas charger, that belonged to my Grandad...over 50 years old and still doing sterling work :001:
*Originally Posted by ThirtyOne [+]
....Can get a nice cruise at 45-55mph and it's very quiet behind the screen, to the point where I can hear distinct engine noise. Never was able to hear this before...

Let's hope you don't start hearing strange things..... :008:
Ride Reports, Trips, and Touring / Re: Anyone interested in this?
« Last post by bullroarer on Today at 07:33:28 AM »
That budget does include ferry crossings. The Portsmouth one is the dearest. The ones too and from Spain/ Italy/ Albania are only about 60 one way.
Any how see what happens in due course.
*Originally Posted by Twempie [+]
for info. You can actually mount the bag further back if you adjust the strap underneath and make it more narrow - the clips on the end can then locate under the lip of the seat -  or if you remove the OEM grab-handles (which is recommended as they do make the back end wider otherwise), and fit the Rally-Raid Solo brackets in their place, then the clips locate directly on those and provide a very secure mount that is easy to slide the bike on and off as required:
I had a bit of time to spare this afternoon, and quickly tried moving the bag further back and clipped the bag to the underside of the seat. This worked just fine. I was going to remove the rear grab-handles to improve the fit. However, part way through loosening the bolts, I noticed that removing the handles would leave large holes under the seat. Not good in the rainy Pacific Northwest. It was a good experiment that didn't involve grazed knuckles.
Thanks Thirtyone for the effort.
My result turned out similar to yours.
My final screen started as a 20" Madstad with  Madstad bracket and is now modded to allow my handguards room to turn, approx 1" spacers, mounted at the lowest position with normal hardware. Results were mediocre so added the MRA X screen tour drilled and perm mounted. With the arms positioned as in your photo was a decent improvement. Then I tried the mounts (without the arms) in the kit that only rotates but places the spoiler closer to the main screen and that is the best yet with minimal buffeting and noise. Not perfect but huge improvement. Will still use earplugs at speed.
I can check my oil now in peace!! Haha!

I re read the title of this topic and laughed because the best results are to lose the Madstad and get the X screen touring MRA.
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