Author Topic: 2013-15 vs 2016 CB500X specification changes - side-by-side comparison  (Read 9949 times)

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*Originally Posted by olias [+]
Excellent write-up and pictures were great too. So other that the 2016 tail-light having a different connector are they interchangeable? I wanted to swap out mine on the 2014 in hopes of greater visibility.

TIA, olias

Hi Olias - yes, the 2016 LED rear light is physically the same shape as the original version, and the rear fender cowl into which it fits is the same part [number] on both bikes...

All you would have to do is remove the existing connectors on both sides, and replace them with your own block connector.

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Excellent write up, thank you.

I was looking at my rear grab bars today and thinking I wanted them black. Looks like I can get some 2016 grab bars and be done with it!