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Re: 2014 models don't need valve check?!
« Reply #40 on: March 14, 2014, 06:22:40 PM »
It sounds much more like "dealer bullpucky". 

I was irked by the 5% price increase, but, the bike was a bargain and I am not looking for a larger more powerful bike (MT-07 in particular, currently the "best" bargain).

As I planned on doing the initial service anyway (that's why I already have the service manual) the lack of a valve clearance check didn't save me any cash. 

I'll just smile and enjoy the new bike if it ever arrives; it is nearly 2 months since I ordered it.  :232:
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Re: 2014 models don't need valve check?!
« Reply #41 on: March 18, 2014, 10:53:50 PM »
*Originally Posted by leopoldj [+]
I bought one of the remnant 2013 models a few weeks ago. Yesterday went in for 600 mile service. There is no valve check. Costs about $120. I asked them about valve check. And they told me CB500s don't need valve check at 600 miles and the CB250s and few other bikes do. This is a major power dealer and I trust these guys.

I also bought one of the remnant 2013s a few weeks ago.  I'm taking the bike in this friday for the 600 mile service, and there will be a valve check.  This is a very small dealer and the first CB500X they've ever sold, and they are doing the valve check just based on the original manual.  They didn't seem to know anything about the 2014 bulletin.   I don't mind having them checked anyway, and the labor costs here are not very high.


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