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Re: GPS H-E-L-P!!!!!
Reply #30 on: November 16, 2018, 07:43:19 PM
Locally I use my Android phone (Google Pixel 2 with rapid charger on the bike) but for longer trips I have a Garmin Zumo 396. I bought it to use on trips. As mentioned before in this thread I have had cell phones overheat using gps and spotty cell service. Hot batteries in cellphones are a good way to ruin the device.

The round trip app in the 396 works awesome. The settings for how curvy you want your roads works awesome. (It took me on amazing roads and places I would have never known to go on my summer trip.) It is vibration and water proof. It works with gloves. It connects to my comms and my phone so I can use both hands free. Live traffic and alerts if you have it connected to your phone for data. Operates the phone's media player controls so you don't have to have both your phone and the GPS handy. All these things are what you are paying for and more.

Yet I agree... it is still too expensive... but it is more than a car GPS and I like the tools it gives me.

The basecamp software... that's a whole other issue that Garmin has never addressed and won't anytime soon... It barely works.
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Re: GPS H-E-L-P!!!!!
Reply #31 on: November 16, 2018, 08:23:53 PM
that's the beauty of locus Maps Pro is that it has all the features of base camp and much much more built into the app for full route planning online and offline. No need to deal with that turd known as base camp.  I can sit in my tent in the middle of nowhere and draw routes anywhere in the world with no internet service.

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Re: GPS H-E-L-P!!!!!
Reply #32 on: December 17, 2018, 08:46:06 PM
I've got a cheap Android phone that doesn't really heat up that much with GPS use. Google maps allows one to buffer a map and for more off-roady type of stuff I like the "US Topo Maps" app that has all kinds of map sources, so you have more terrain information and what not. I liked that so much, I bought the paid version.

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Re: GPS H-E-L-P!!!!!
Reply #33 on: December 17, 2018, 09:09:56 PM
Thank you everyone.

To reiterate, the ONLY reason (I can think of?) that I intend to use a GPS is to assist me in an area where I may need some help and have no cell service. So - stop - reach in my jacket - turn on the battery powered GPS - get some basic direction / information. Turn off and pocket the GPS unit and be on my way. That's the plan, devised by an illiterate GPS user. Still climbing the learning curve on the real usefulness of this plan - if any???

My idea of exploring offroad is fire roads ONLY. Single track - heavy mud / sand - I will find another route. Strong like bull - I used to be. Not any more. Cannot afford a spill on my own in a remote area.

AFTER a very long and informative discussion with an intelligent, patient individual who was very savvy on GPS - and my explaining my plan and use above - he said to skip a GPS purchase altogether. ? ?

My bucket list trip isn't until late March early April next year so still deliberating. Hard to not know and make good decisions.  :035:  And why I appreciate all your responses. Thank you again.  :002:
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Re: GPS H-E-L-P!!!!!
Reply #34 on: December 17, 2018, 10:25:41 PM
if you know the areas you are going, you can buy some good detailed maps before hand which should map back ups in the event of no cell service.
i get surprised at the extent of GPS coverage on google maps and when off line it still navigates IF you stay on route
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Re: GPS H-E-L-P!!!!!
Reply #35 on: December 18, 2018, 01:36:54 AM
I use a cheap Garmin car GPS on an accessory mount bar behind the windscreen, next to the iPhone mount. You can get one new at Costco well under $200, used from Ebay under $100, handlebar mounts are readily available. I only use it on road trips, dead easy and cheap.

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Re: GPS H-E-L-P!!!!!
Reply #36 on: December 18, 2018, 01:40:11 AM
I don't tend to use GPS. I struggle with the narrow field of view and the "do as I say" way they work. I get that its invaluable for strange cities. I do like to get a big picture view on where I am going from a map. Ride till i am in the ball park and work from there. Paper maps work good for that. But of course no practical to carry that much map-age.

I mentioned BMW GS screens in the "things I've learned about Madstrad" thread. Referring to the same missenden flyer video.. the BMW sat nav looks like it would tick everyones boxes..... but will set you back about $900. (Various currencies are available) I wonder if they make their own or do a re-badge?
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Re: GPS H-E-L-P!!!!!
Reply #37 on: December 18, 2018, 09:50:00 AM
*Originally Posted by WSJMK04 [+]
My TOM TOM was no longer supported .Bye bye , no I won't be buying another . Sygic . Free trial , maps and traffic for life , licence for 3 devices .
I would seriously suggest you give Sygic's free trial version a go on an android phone . No data service required as maps are fully downloaded . If it doesn't work it has not cost you a bean . Best wishes . John

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Re: GPS H-E-L-P!!!!!
Reply #38 on: February 17, 2019, 12:16:42 PM
*Originally Posted by SnowOwl [+]
I purchased and regularly use a Garmin Drive 51 LM.  It is a car GPS and not an expensive "special motorcycle" GPS.  It cost me $125 for a new GPS that more than suits my needs.  If I ever need to use it in the rain, which has been never so far, I carry a Ziplock bag in the tank bag to put the GPS in to make it waterproof enough.  Don't really see the need for a special purpose overly expensive motorcycle dedicated GPS, the much less expensive car models work just fine.  I also use the same GPS in my truck and car.

Unless you have a specific need for a specialized GPS, which it sounds like you don't, I would return the expensive unit and get a car unit that costs a lot less.

Agreed. I use a 57LM here in Thailand and when it rains, I pop a Zip-Lok bag on and I am good to go. It cost me about US$110 compared to the US$400+ from Amazon. Would be nice to have Bluetooth but not essential. Also, when I am going through cities, I switch to Waze. At least here in SE Asia, it seems to do much better in cities than Garmin (or Google Maps for that matter).

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Re: GPS H-E-L-P!!!!!
Reply #39 on: February 27, 2019, 08:08:57 PM
Just to reiterate something I noted elsewhere: One big difference between phones (I've only used Android) and motorcycle/bicycle GPS is that when raindrops fall on a phone screen - bagged or not - it sees them as presses and goes bonkers - utterly unusable. Dedicated outdoors Garmin devices simply cope. I dunno about car devices, but cars generally have roofs, they don't need to work in rain.

Also - I discovered recently, and only half understand - to get audio instructions on a motorcycle, I use a Bluetooth intercom. And the GPS unit connects via some protocol that means it is top priority at the headset, cuts in over my companions waffle, music, the phone, whatever. Whereas the phone (Sony at least) connects via a different protocol that makes it the lowest priority. It's especially annoying when she says "which way now", just as Google maps tries to tell me...

Whether these are £500 issues probably depends on your weather, and intercom usage?