Author Topic: Anyone interested in lightweight rear brake disc?  (Read 2560 times)

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Re: Anyone interested in lightweight rear brake disc?
Reply #30 on: December 07, 2018, 07:18:10 AM
Honda have never made a good disc. OEM isn't the best way for Hondas. I usually get an Aussie company to make my lighter disc but they are now out of bussiness ( he got too old). They were works of art and worked much better .
EBC discs are a good way to go but the central spider is their best feature and the X doesn't have one. I have just found Galfer makes them for the X . They are lighter and good braking material.
Arashi actually make OEM branded discs, but it looks like the aftermarket ones aren't made to the same standard OR the disc was originally designed for a bigger pad that spreads the heat over the whole surface and the company is selling them for the X because they fit. I need to do more research, but I may keep them and get the inner non contact run machined less thick . That may help stop the heat expansion that may be causing the cracks.