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Re: highway and country road riding
Reply #30 on: January 29, 2019, 06:30:13 PM
I used to ride with a big Harley group on my BMW R80, and within an hour was at the front of the pack
a) because they ride so slowly
b) because they are so loud (most removed the stock exhaust and had 'loud bikes save lives' stickers
c) belching horrible exhaust (no emissions controls)
But they were a fun group and as you say, the lunch breaks were really enjoyable.
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Re: highway and country road riding
Reply #31 on: January 30, 2019, 04:30:00 PM
*Originally Posted by harryhendo [+]
c) belching horrible exhaust (no emissions controls)
Yeah, I forgot about the smell.
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Re: highway and country road riding
Reply #32 on: February 07, 2019, 12:06:01 AM
Hello to a fellow South Australian,
I don't enjoy riding with a large group, for some reason i find it more difficult to concentrate on my riding, on country roads you need to be able to travel at the speed you feel comfortable with and not feel pressured onto riding faster than you are comfortable with.
Then you get those who ride in groups who think they are the best riders on the planet and want to show you how great they are , no thanks.
I'm happy riding solo or with a couple of other bikes but that's about my limit
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Re: highway and country road riding
Reply #33 on: March 09, 2019, 10:36:49 PM
*Originally Posted by uku383 [+]
I'll definitely PM you when I head over next, although it may not be for a while.

The route obviously depends on whether you need to do things quickly or not, and where in Adelaide you're coming from. Regardless which way you go, it's a lot of riding - to Sydney from your place would be about 1,500-1,600km. I take a swag (which doubles as a backrest when strapped to the bike) and camp half way, although I have done the ride without camping once - when I was feeling especially alert.

One thing that I will say about long rides is that you need to be wary of fatigue. I am not shy about stopping the bike at a rest stop and lying out for a safety snooze, no matter what time of day. Fatigue is, in my view, more dangerous than speeding (the less said about my encounter with a (to be fair, very friendly) member of the Victorian Police Force yesterday, the better.  :016:

I'll try to remember to PM you tomorrow, with routes / variations, but a good way to do it is pull out a map and look for places you'd like to ride through. e.g. I love going through the Snowy Mountains, if I have time.


Hey Alan,

I went for a bit of a ride from Adelaide to Melbourne and back (great ocean road to Melb then back via Halls Gap) and have learned some things about the bike. I notice in other threads that you regularly ride at 110km/h so I would like to know what your fuel economy is at that speed. My ride from Meningie to Mount Gambier resulted in my worst fuel consumption at about 4lt/100km which I thought was quite bad for highway riding. I had some soft panniers and a small tent on the pillion seat. I guess it was also quite windy so the conditions were not great. I also lost a bit of oil in that section from Meningie to Mount Gambier needing a top up at the local bike shop.

On the way back from Melbourne I sat on generally just below 100km/hr and the fuel consumption was much better getting 2.7lt/100km at one point. I'm keen to know your thoughts.

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